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Cognitive Claims

The Insurance industry is witnessing the digital disruption, with new opportunities and challenges generated by increasing usage of digital devices, the changing customer demands, challenging compliance requirements in the connected world, and highly sophisticated frauds. Claims processing is one of the many business-critical functions, and it becomes imperative to improve customer experience for easy claims processing & reducing the claims cost by improving operational efficiency. There is no doubt that Digital disruption is being fuelled by the adoption of AI.

LTI’s AI-powered Cognitive Claims solution aims to enrich experience, improve operational efficiency and reduce loss adjustment expenses (LAE). It redefines the current claim applications by leveraging analytical, image processing, predictive and forecasting capabilities, through the introduction of AI and cognitive computing. The solution is built on LTI’s Mosaic AI platform and uses IBM Watson Conversational Services and Visual Recognition Services, which are exposed as micro services. Cognitive Claims solution boasts enhanced capabilities, which further simplify your claims processes. Through the Claim Filing functionality, a Chatbot can answer queries and assist you in quick claim notification & filing. With Claims Inspection & Investigation, you can rely on image/video Intelligence for damage assessment and validation. And of course, Fraud Detection helps you analyze the image, unstructured data and other data sources to build accurate risk profile.

Key Highlights:

  • Enhance productivity of key stakeholders, including Adjustment Professionals, Adjudicators and Case Investigators.
  • Focus on efficiencies in Claims Submission, FNOL, Claims Adjustment, Verification, Claim Recovery, Automated Damage Assessment, Fraud Detection and Subrogation.
  • Demonstrable positive impact on customer experience metrics, time-to-action and the cost of claims processing.


  • Claim Cost Reduction: ~20% reduction in LAE by self-service options and virtual inspection.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: 10x faster claim settlement & 24X7 assistance.
  • Operational Efficiency: Low touch end-to-end process, resulting in 30% savings.

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