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Beauty Bot

Today’s consumers have a variety of beauty & body care products to choose from. And given the plethora of choices at their disposal & a comparatively short attention span, it is a challenge to keep the customer engaged and retain customer loyalty. The need is to accompany the consumer and provide relevant content in an intuitive manner, embedded into his/her lifestyle. Enterprises have to deliver this, keeping pace with new product launches on ever increasing marketing channels, while managing cost effectively.

Simplifying this mammoth task for enterprises is LTI’s unique solution – an intuitive and private conversational beauty agent, live at the consumer’s fingertips. This virtual beauty agent bot engages in conversational dialogue with the consumer, answering questions relating to product info, features, usage guidelines, feedback, shopping options, and much more. The bot operates in real-time, which means newer, intuitive and real-time content, all through an intuitive visual and interactive medium to deliver seamless experience to the consumers.

Key Highlights:

  • A ready learning bot, specializing in beauty products.
  • Embedding Marketing strategy subtly & easily into the Bot conversations for consumer engagement & feedback.
  • Template-driven design to easily adapt to the new product launches or any other campaign needs.


  • Rich interface for immersive experience for customer engagement.
  • Real-time 24×7 private conversations.
  • Expand customer reach with a dynamic scale-up.
  • Optimized marketing effectiveness & reach.

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