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Banking Bot

Every bank is on the digital highway. All banking services are now made available on the respective bank’s website or mobile app. However, banks still receive thousands of calls in their customer service call centers. With AI maturing, banks are exploring how chat bots can take the burden off their customer services centers, and still retain that human touch to engage customers in meaningful conversations to solve their queries and deliver the best services.

To solve this dilemma and empower banks with this much-needed AI support, LTI brings to you its very own Banking Bot. Leveraging the various Digital channels of engagement, this Chat bot provides essential services, including updates, emails, mobile details, money transfer, details of the last 5 transactions, and much more. A true multitasker, this Bot can be successfully used for up-sell and cross sell campaigns, and can easily adapt to the role of providing wealth management advisor services, using its intuitive capabilities. The Digital age calls for a Digital SPOC, and LTI’s Banking Bot can be the banks’ true mascot to reach out to their new customer segment- the millennials. Its easy deployment on multiple digital channels and apps, definitely makes it a preferred partner for all of your customers’ banking needs.

Key Highlights:

  • Digital services delivered via self-service & an intuitive conversational mode.
  • In-built 2-factor security feature, such as the OTP-based verification.
  • Template-driven design to easily adapt to new banking services, launches or campaigns.
  • Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer experience for better customer engagement.
  • Self-service, empowering customers & improving efficiencies.
  • Call Center operations optimization.
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