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Automated Content Tagging (ACT) solution

Media companies still rely heavily on the catalog metadata of their content, in an endeavor to understand their consumers’ content preferences and viewing habits. As a result, temporal metadata becomes a powerful tool to help media companies capture and understand their consumers’ interactions with the video content. By leveraging this intuitive tool, media companies can uncover deeper insights into their customers’ viewing patterns, to drive a far superior viewer experience and engagement.

LTI’s Automated Content Tagging (ACT) solution leverages industry-leading AI technologies to tag every clip of the video content with a customized temporal data model. This helps deliver visibility on every facet of the content at every second, along the video timeline. Through the intelligence afforded by the ACT Solution, media companies can achieve higher monetization for their content, and extreme personalization for their consumers.

Key Highlights

  • Automated temporal metadata creation with customized data model, comprising details such as actors in the scene, emotions, scene settings, location, activity, products, etc.
  • Data model to be further enriched for every consumer and content type, based on current and future use cases that the client wishes to exploit.
  • Highly trained algorithms, customized extensively for high accuracy with the entertainment content.


  • Higher content monetization, with improved consumer personalization / engagement, and more targeted promotions.
  • Premium ad-rates, with improved click-through rate, enabled by more contextual and relevant ads.
  • Smarter compliance operations, with faster and efficient compliance edits and reviews.

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