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Mosaic Things

The Internet of Things connects people, processes, data and devices, to deliver superlative user experiences, while opening up new revenue opportunities. The digital age has made it possible for a wide array of smart devices to interact with each other, generating large amounts of data that help boost enterprise-wide operational visibility.

LTI’s Mosaic Things is a comprehensive IoT platform, which enables companies to capture, standardize and analyze data to arrive at actionable business insights. Enterprises can leverage our deep domain expertise to develop tailored digitization roadmaps, with the right technology architecture, channels and integration support. LTI’s out-of-the box IoT solutions will help companies establish a firm competitive differentiation across the business value chain.

LTI’s turnkey assets,including pre-built, reusable industry-specific use cases,and ready solutions and Things connectors,can accelerate companies’ IoT adoption goals. Our IoT solution reference architecture blueprint & framework offers high flexibility for data ingestion and enterprise connectivity. Our hardware and platform agnostic solutions can be deployed on all leading platforms.

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