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IIoT requires a comprehensive ecosystem bringing out the best-of-breed and disparate solutions, using disruptive technologies and platform to meet customer expectation and industry 4.0 needs. The ecosystem needs clarity on collaborative ways of working and a platform where industry solution can be co-sourced to deliver a successful digital transformation programs for customers.

LTI’s Mosaic Things Platform enables a comprehensive ecosystem of customers, partners, start-ups and developer communities to quickly establish, demonstrate and monetize enterprise grade IIoT-based applications in a secure, configurable and scalable manner.

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    Key Attributes

    Ecosystem Partners

    For LTI customers, there is a simple registration process to get onboarded onto Marketplace. The platform provides flexibility to all registered customers to search and discover innovative solutions developed by LTI and its partner ecosystem. The platform also enables them to raise requests for PoC development to validate & establish the return on investment before embarking on transformation journey.

    For Start-ups & Alliance partners, onboarding process involves screening, evaluation, NDA & joint agreement duly verified by our legal team & signed by authorized signatories of both the organizations. This is essential as they use our platforms, assets & development components & there is mutual use of intellectual property.

    LTI helps all its partners to convert their solution to an industry grade solution by testing them with industry data, needed for industrial deployment as per client/ geographic needs.