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Mosaic Lens

LTI’s Mosaic Lens enables business users with assisted self-service analytics. It provides them the flexibility to apply their own aperture, focus and zoom-in features, for deeper insights.

Moreover, the Mosaic Lens Auto mode empowers users with auto discovery of insights. The platform’s cognitive abilities provide a wide-angle view of data points, avoiding miss-outs and facilitating faster insights.

In other words, Mosaic Lens enables business users (subject matter experts) to work with data directly, thereby allowing them to access, integrate, analyze, and visualize massive amounts of data with point-and-click analytics, and drag-and-drop visualizations.

Analyst Speak

LTI has showcased a strong focus on Managed Services and Engineering Analytics &...

Sidhant Rastogi

Partner & Practice Head

Analyst Speak

Accelerating Time-To-Value In Your Big Data Mosaic.

Reetika Joshi

Research Director, Operations & Analytics Strategies
HfS Research

Key Features


  • Enable Business Users to Apply their Lens: Leverages a simple & easy interface, with AI-assisted recommendations, and a conversational layer for exploration.
  • Better Evidence-based Decisions: Expedites decision-making across customer analytics, sales analytics, and operational analytics domains.
  • Auto & Smart Discovery of Insights: Uncovers anomalies and trends, and identifies consistent patterns in noisy data, thus expediting the analytics cycle.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Business Goals: Focuses on critical events and KPIs that matter.
  • Effective Socialization and Collaboration on Insights: Drives and continuously informs business outcomes.