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Fraud & Crime Analytics

With LTI’s Fraud & Crime Analytics, organizations can manage & analyze terabytes of historical and third-party data. By streaming data in real-time, we help you create highly accurate predictive models for recognizing and preventing future fraud. Organizations can analyze transactions as they occur, detect fraud as it is happening and stop it before it causes serious damage. With this Business Analytics & Intelligence Solution, you can accelerate your Financial Crime Investigation process by leveraging automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, with better accuracy.
One such example is the way we leveraged our Fraud & Crime Analytics Solution to optimize processes for a leading Banking institution.

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    • Better accuracy, using domain-specific vocabulary (NLP) and Machine Learning capabilities.
    • Digitization of workflows, using BPM tools, to provide control to the end users.
    • Supports multiple Enterprise and External information, including search engines, media publications and proprietary databases.