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Catastrophe Analytics

LTI’s Catastrophe Analytics solution brings a comprehensive approach to risk assessment, risk transfer and risk mitigation during a catastrophe, for a better workforce planning and supply chain management. The solution helps assess the entire catastrophe impact across Claims, Policies and Properties dimensions, thereby helping the client to plan and deploy their resources on the impacted site, and provide better services to their clients. We leverage this BI & Analytics solution to offer Supply Chain Analytics for Shipment Distribution, Stock Replenishment, Sales & Marketing and Risk Management. All this, with the geographical visualization, spatial pattern and trends of the business data, with respect to locations on the map through spatial analysis & search.
Tailored to our client needs, Catastrophe Analytics Solution helped enhance the premium pricing model for one of the world’s leading Insurance providers.

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    • Seamless integration of multiple & disparate data sources (i.e. Transactional Systems & Business Warehouse) to provide geo-based visibility.
    • Real-time risk assessment throughout the lifecycle of live catastrophe events.
    • Better accuracy, using advanced Analytical Modeling capabilities.
    • Dynamic insights into catastrophe impacts, with event path plotted using customized ArcGIS.
    • Supports multiple Enterprise and External information, including the weather data.