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Asset Utilization Analytics

LTI’s Asset Utilization Analytics Solution helps manage end-to-end view of your asset life cycle, thus bringing transparency to the overall process. The solution delivers better asset availability, reliability & usability to the client’s operations. Moreover, the solution helps extend the useful life of assets, improve return on investment and defer new purchases, with effective monitoring and utilization of high value assets. With this Enterprise Business Intelligence solution, we help organizations reduce asset failures, and increase asset utilization & cost savings by monitoring and preventive maintenance of assets, leveraging rules engine, machine learning and alert workflows.
A specific case in point is when we leveraged our Asset Utilization Analytics Solution to help in optimum utilization of high value assets for one of India’s largest Construction majors.

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    • End-to-end view of asset lifecycle – Operations, Maintenance, TCO.
    • Collect, consolidate and analyze essential information on virtually all types of assets.
    • Turn insights into action by analyzing historical data alongside environmental conditions.
    • Extend asset value through condition-based maintenance.