Mosaic Automation

The concept of automation has evolved – from deterministic automation, where repetitive processes were automated, to smart automation that employs artificial cognition and heuristics. Companies are moving beyond mere process automation and implementing cutting-edge tools such as artificial neural networks, distributed control systems, human machine interfaces, and robotics.

With extreme automation and end-to-end process re-engineering, companies can reduce operational costs, boost organizational efficiency, and deliver a superior employee and customer experience. At LTI, we help you integrate automation tools in your existing business workflows, by leveraging our process consulting capabilities, proven technical expertise and development strategies based on DevOps and lean methodologies.

Our Mosaic Automation platform covers all aspects of automation, including robotic process automation, machine learning, software-defined everything, design thinking, and includes a reusable asset library that fast-tracks implementation. Using our comprehensive automation framework and process reengineering toolkit, companies can effectively drive strategic initiatives across business transformation, cost reduction, and service experience enhancement.

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