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Mosaic AI

Organizations across verticals are looking at ways to harness artificial intelligence and cognitive computing to automate repetitive workflows, boost productivity and reduce operational costs. Advanced AI-based automation tools and self-learning systems can help enterprises monetize collective intelligence, freeing up human capital to focus on innovation and strategic decision-making.

LTI’s Mosaic AI platform helps companies accelerate operational digitization, by building cognitive capabilities into their existing knowledge assets.Our modular and customizable cognitive AI platform mainly focuses on experience transformation, intelligent automaton and legacy system enhancement. It deploys self-learning systems to deliver intelligent and contextual content to all users, thus delivering an exceptional experience across touch points.

Our AI solution suite includes offerings such as responsive interfaces, intelligent ‘bots’, NLP capabilities and cognitive platforms, to transform legacy systems. Our Smart AI solutions studio provides customized services and solutions to digitize business processes.Mosaic AI is flexible, as it is built upon the best-in-class AI engines, and uses open architecture. It is also available on cloud environments such as Azure, AWS , Google and IBM Bluemix.

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