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Advanced Smart City Operating Platform

Urban demands are ever-increasing, and the urban population boom is adding to the pressure on city services, infrastructure, administration, and ultimately, the citizens. Cities need to adapt to this ever-increasing demand, and cater to the needs of the modern citizen, efficiently.

At LTI, we understand smart cities, their inherent need to be on the cutting-edge of technology, and the overwhelming demands put on their operations. Without the right technology platform, cities cannot handle complex scenarios and get actionable insights in spite of having a digital infrastructure in place. This is where LTI’s Advanced Smart City Operating Platform, designed to bring it all together into a single platform for seamless city operations, comes into picture.

The platform consists of vital components, integrated to provide seamless experience

to operators and administrators of the solution. City operations are handled through industry-leading software stack, to bring together a host of features for efficient handling of city events and data. LTI helps cities get a single source of information for all civic functions. We ensure they build the ability to receive, intelligently correlate, and share information with stakeholders who are into city operations, and plan to better predict outcomes. LTI also helps cities handle their various emergency and disaster management requirements smoothly.

Platform & Features

Platform & Features

Situational Awareness

  • Visually track assets and units on a geo-spatial boundary. Easily track asset status, contextual information, and trigger actions.
  • Live tracking on spatial information to provide real-time view of the exact location vectors of the digital asset.
  • Analyze spatial objects with GIS tools like Nearest Service Units, Heat Maps, Correlated Incidents, and Routes & Hurdles.


  • A seamless mechanism to act on emergencies and critical alerts from across the city infrastructure.
  • Alerts from multiple sources for same or sequential city events, correlated and presented on a simple, single, decluttered interface.
  • Link and unlink multi-source events, delegate and track events to closure, enable events history and action audit logs.

Events & Response Management

  • Simplified insights from large volumes of data delivered through a series of integrated dashboards, built using industry standard visualization tools.
  • Seamless integration capabilities and data management for faster custom dashboard development, catering to the specific needs of smart cities.
  • Central dashboards and repositories to provide insights into current and historical data.

Analytical Insights

  • Collaborate instantly, sharing a common situational insight with white boards, GIS, text, audio and video streams.
  • Live chat with field staff using Edge, and sharing insights on situational awareness on-the-fly.
  • Central web of information for all operational staff, enabling the ease of publishing critical information instantaneously.