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With data being the most vital part of a digital economy, Data centric business models are the key to unlock potential across various business verticals. The ever-evolving business processes are asking for richer data and as expectations from businesses grow, the response time from IT has always been lagging to the extent that newer ways are being sought in modern data platform architecture.

This whitepaper talks about how Data Mesh addresses the issues and roadblocks of monolithic architectures in a traditional organizational setup by focusing on building modern distributed architecture at scale. Data Mesh focuses on disseminated data products aligned around enterprise domains and possessed by cross-functional teams with data engineers and product owners, utilizing standard foundational infrastructure as a platform to host, prep, and serve their data-driven information. The whitepaper also proposes Data Mesh architecture that focuses on a federated way to provide data from multiple sources, even for analytical workloads for data as a service (DaaS).