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Cloud Native and DevOps

Cloud is the new normal for most organizations, and enterprises today use the “lift-and-shift” approach to move their applications to cloud, thus providing tangible CapEx benefits. However, to reap optimal outcomes from cloud across service, scale and economy, applications need to be built for cloud, or legacy platforms need to be cloud-optimized. Building new and differentiated capabilities at a rapid pace requires adoption of cloud native architecture principles. It also necessitates re-factoring or re-engineering of legacy applications, which adhere to cloud native architecture making it modular, scalable and interoperable.

LTI’s “Cloud Native and DevOps” practice is designed to help digital enterprises innovate, experiment and scale to market demands, quickly. Through our unique program, “Launchpads”, we co-innovate with our partners and clients to leverage our services for quick PoT (Proof of Technology) and PoC (Proof of Concept). We showcase how new cloud native applications and cloud DevOps solutions can drive innovation, in line with our clients’ business imperatives. Our well-designed outcome-based programs and toolkits for business case-driven portfolio assessment, architecture, and cloud native and DevOps enablement, empower your business to take that big leap toward Digital. Moreover, our design-driven delivery focuses on human-centered integrated business &

technology agility, applied to the application development.

LTI understands that every industry has its own agenda to adopt Cloud Native. For Media & Entertainment, it is customer experience and speed of innovation; for CPG, it is business velocity and omni-channel experience; for Manufacturing, it is the overall Cloud Enablement, faster time-to-market with new products and services; for BFSI, it is speed of delivery, code quality and data security. LTI believes that its Cloud DevOps solutions have the potential to address a wide spectrum of enterprise demands, in our clients’ pursuit of competitive advantage.

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    Challenges in Going to the Cloud

    Sustaining a high level of productivity, while rapidly developing apps with the modern technology stack

    Teams need to juggle between developing applications, while configuring and maintaining the dev and test environments, along with adopting a new DevOps-based methodology to increase productivity.

    Fitment of legacy applications for cloud native applications, and selection of the right cloud services

    Stating that the tools & platform landscape for cloud is diverse, would be an understatement. Selecting the right platforms for your business requirements can be daunting to say the least. Figuring out dependencies between technologies and tools can get complex quickly.

    High costs, and the risks involved in re-architecting large-scale legacy applications to cloud native

    Most legacy applications cannot leverage the full potential of cloud, they need to be re-architected to a modern technology stack. But this procedure is complex and tedious, increasing the inherent risk & cost of implementing it.

    Effort and expertise required in automation of the entire DevOps process, enabling a consistent, reliable, and repeatable development & deployment process

    For every individual application, there is a need to set up a DevOps pipeline and configure the environment, which requires guidance and support from tool-specific experts

    Absence of uniform governance across ALM

    The presence of various tools and processes presents difficulties in getting insights into a potential process, and poses quality roadblocks, making it hard to figure out problem areas and taking actions before it’s too late

    How LTI Can Help You

    Kickstart your journey to cloud with our unique “Launchpads” services, helping you evaluate and leverage the right cloud
    services & architecture, to solve your business problems.


    Accelerate legacy transformation to cloud with our in-house accelerator, which assesses your application portfolio, down to the very code, in an automated manner. It also helps you make informed decisions, and draft a migration roadmap aligned to your business goals.

    Develop cloud-ready applications, built with microservices and containers, enabling you to leverage the full potential of cloud in terms of scalability, flexibility, and reliability. End-to-end development follows the proven 12-factor app methodology, to ensure robust applications when deployed to the cloud.

    Simplify your DevOps journey through our one-stop DevOps platform, which automatically sets up your environment, consisting of user-selected tools, and generates CI / CD pipelines, thus onboarding projects through a wizard. Also get a bird’s eye view of your ALM lifecycle through the governance wizard.

    What makes LTI’s Cloud Offering Stand Out

    Thorough understanding and deep expertise in architecting solutions on cloud native platforms, coupled with a strong domain expertise, provides the best-in-class industry-specific solution blueprints.

    Solution ecosystems, providing rapid application development capabilities, bring the right set of expertise and capabilities. Along with a suite of utilities, scripts and add-ons aiding all cloud engagements, these assure 30% technical debt reduction and 40% productivity increase.

    Expertise and deep partnerships, with major platform providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Pivotal, and others.

    Best-in-class Cloud DevOps solutions, methodologies and toolkits, to assure faster release cycle, with 50% reduction in time-to-market.

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