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Build the roadmap for your Digital Transformation Journey with Pega

Change is inevitable, and traditional marketing tactics and digital engagement strategies have no place in modern customer experiences. According to Pega, the average campaign in any market gets less than a 1% response rate. When you use a sales-first approach, by the time it’s received by your customers, it’s rarely relevant. Acting with empathy is what changes the equation.

As Pega’s Gold Level Partner – choose LTI for Pega. We can maximize the value of your engagement and automate processes to transform your customer engagement strategy.

We help our customers across industries to become more agile and flexible with minimum business upheaval. Our deep and broad BFS expertise and business solution capabilities focus on driving customer experience, process efficiencies and regulatory compliance.

Better Customer Engagement

  • Engage with Empathy
  • Adapt Instantly
  • Retain proactively

Improve Customer Service

  • Handle more volume
  • Reduce Cost
  • Personalize with AI insights

Automate with Intelligence

  • Build fast, build for change
  • Automate anything
  • Boost productivity

LTI Canada Drives Business Innovation and Helps Realize Business Aspiration

Co-create inventive products and solutions to tackle industry specific issues and regulations

Target diverse markets to broaden reach and secure conversion

Improve customer engagement with personalized, unified, empathetic messaging

Achieve cost benefits through automation of process & reduce the burden on back-office operations

LTI Pega Key Benefits

Client Success Metrics

Global Financial Institution

Streamlined KYC Profiling for Global and Local profiling

Regulatory compliant platform
Number of customers profiled every
Reduction in due diligence duration

Global Bank

Pega Smart Dispute – Unified Solution for Handling Entire Mastercard and Visa Disputes

Support for multiple brands & product line within the bank with dashboard, reporting and tracking system
Costs saved

Leading Global Consumer Goods Corporation

Pega based Orchestration of Data Management with SAP integration

Man hours/month saved
800Mn USD
Saving increased
500 Mn USD
Reduction of opportunity loss

Large Insurance Provider

Omni Channel Platform for Customer Services

Reduction in avg call handling times
Reduction in redundant processes
Increase in retention

Industry Solutions

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance

Our solution combines the power of Pega and the capabilities of smart automation, to truly digitize the post-sale policy servicing processes for insurance firms.

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Disability Claims Management

Disability Claims Management

The Ruletronics solution for Disability Claims Management drastically reduces the turnaround time while increasing efficiencies and experience, thus unleashing the true potential of the Pega Digital Process Automation platform.

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Life Sciences Product Launch & Lifecycle Management

Life Sciences Product Launch & Lifecycle Management

End-to-end automation of Product Launch & Lifecycle management builds oversight and visibility across departments by orchestrating processes across existing systems and people

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Workflow Orchestration around legacy & ERP System

Workflow Orchestration around legacy & ERP System

Custom workflow maintenance and orchestration of data from multiple disparate sources required in all SAP ECC boxes, leading to high cost of maintenance, and high cost of change management

Tools and Accelerators

KYC Remediation for BFS

KYC Remediation for BFS

The Ruletronics KYC Remediation Accelerator is created to help financial services and insurance firms simplify the bulk remediation of their KYC files. The accelerator is built to complement Pega’s industry-leading KYC solution Pega® Know Your Customer strategic application.

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CLM Accelerator - Digital Commercial On boarding

CLM Accelerator - Digital Commercial On boarding

Omni-channel integration and use of OCR, NLP, ML. Straight through processing and automation for better UX and turnaround time during Onboarding

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