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Companies are leveraging mobile channels to make personal connection and with consumers, delivering a well-rounded customer experience. Enterprise mobility is empowering the new generation of employees to access information, work items, and business processes on the go, thereby enhancing productivity.

A successful mobility strategy rests on seamless user experience and service delivery, backend process digitization and automation, and contextual customer analytics. At LTI Canada, we help you enable enterprise mobility in a fast and cost-effective manner by leveraging our vast experience of 15 years across devices, operating systems, firmware, and applications.

We help you deploy leading-edge mobility solutions that provide experiential, convenient and on-demand services to employees and customers alike. Our gamut of offerings includes mobility strategy design and execution, mobile application development, and maintenance and support services facilitated by our Mobile Technology Group.


Mobile Strategy

With the proliferation of smart phones and high speed network, there has been a drastic shift in customer and employee expectations. While consumers are increasingly using mobile applications to perform complex banking transactions, the workforce is looking to access enterprise applications and business data on the go. Companies need a well thought out strategy to meet these expectations at every stage of the digital journey.  

LTI collaborates with financial services companies to design and implement a mobile-first roadmap, enhancing the overall digital strategy. Moreover our proprietary ‘Mobile Banker’ solution helps you reduce customer acquisition cost and time, and plan the sales strategy effectively to expand your customer base.  It also enables financial advisors to engage their clients better by gaining financial insights.

Responsive Design and Implementation

Financial services firms need to ensure that they deliver a consistent, superior experience across channels and product lines to boost customer retention and drive top line growth. The transition from one channel to another must be seamless, and as engaging as the previous one. Responsive design plays an important role in helping realize these goals by providing an effective and device-agnostic experience.     

LTI uses its KEA framework for developing native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8, accelerating time to market for responsive, multi-device applications. This ready-to-use framework optimizes development costs by helping users build reliable, scalable, and maintainable applications that require minimum effort for adding or removing features.

Experience Design

Delivering a holistic digital experience goes beyond the development of a responsive, rich UI. It encompasses the creation of user personas to anticipate user behaviour, and employing deep web analytics to monitor and optimize web usage. Through exceptional user design, financial services companies can make their digital channels more usable, enjoyable, and efficient.

LTI has a team of talented UX designers and Experience consultants that helps banking and financial services firms curate engaging experience for Gen-Y customers. The focus is on mapping and optimizing the customers’ end-to-end digital journey to improve sales operational efficiency, accelerate on boarding, and deliver personalized after-sales experiences.