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LTI partners with Securonix to provide cutting-edge Cyber Threat Detection Services

Financial services organizations are prime targets for cyberattacks, malicious or negligent insiders, and fraud. These critical threats have led to substantial investments in security, yet the security incidents and breaches remain common. Hence, many financial organizations have started looking for solutions with advanced rapid detection and predictive capabilities. At LTI, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge security solutions that leverage the latest in predictive analytics, AI and intelligent automation.

LTI has partnered with Securonix to deploy solutions to many leading banking and financial services organizations by leveraging Securonix’ big data security analytics platform SNYPR™. The platform enables these organizations to ensure end-to-end protection of their ecosystem. Through our global presence and technical excellence, LTI has developed extensive capabilities to deliver complex projects.

LTI’s Managed Security Services portfolio is designed to set up a comprehensive cyber security framework at your organization. Read more about LTI’s comprehensive Cyber Defense Resiliency Solutions.

Key issues faced by financial services

Leader in the ISG Provider Lens Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services & Solutions Report

Protect critical customer data

Abuse of privileged accounts

Insider Threats

Leader in the ISG Provider Lens Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services & Solutions Report

Customer and employee data

Key Features

  • Big data analytics
  • Hypothesis build
  • User, Entity & Network Behaviour Analysis (UEBA)
  • Custom logs analysis & advanced correlation
  • Automated intel enrichment co-relation and analysis
  • Speed, scale and accuracy

Key Differentiators

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is fundamental to rapid response. Our approach to automation ensures that vulnerability is visible across all functions, responses are orchestrated between multiple technologies/towers and an organization has the ability to rapidly respond to threats.
This approach leverages the popularly available automation platforms, with a large library of connectors to the target system for automated/semi-automated remediation.

We leverage the automation capability/approach to automate:

  • Incident Response & Remediation
  • Manual Identity Operations
  • Vulnerability Management Operations
Risk Orientation

We firmly believe that Cybersecurity functions must move towards a risk-based approach to be more effective and responsive. Our approach and services for Cybersecurity provide risk-based prioritization of:

  • Assets and associated vulnerabilities
  • Data exposure
  • Threats

LTI delivers services that enable enterprises to build risk-based visibility into their asset landscape (on-premise and cloud), based on their configuration, vulnerability data and business criticality. The service also enables enterprises to evaluate their compliance status to regulatory mandates. Additionally, enterprises can also simulate hacks to evaluate their vulnerability in the kill chain model. AI/ML features enables real-time visibility into the risk posture. Our data security service provides a similar risk-based visibility into the overall data security posture of the enterprise.

The end goal of risk orientation is ‘Proactive Management of Attack Surface Area’ through continuous visibility.

Proactive Detection

Proactive Detection of unknown threats goes a long way in reducing the detection and response gaps that exist today. Our approach to Proactive Detection leverages threat hunting to detect unknown threats. Our threat hunting service leverages the Machine Learning models to:

  • Build a consolidated model of user, network and asset behaviour
  • Evaluate multiple threat intelligence feeds
  • Evaluate of dark web intelligence feeds
  • Identification of anomalous behaviour across user, network and assets
  • Correlate anomalous behaviour across users, networks and assets to identify malicious patterns