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Digital Consulting

LTI Canada provides holistic guidance in creating optimal digital architecture blueprints, and developing a robust IT roadmap to accomplish these objectives. Our team of experienced consultants employs design thinking to gauge user concerns, and leverages agile development methodologies to create prototypes rapidly, thereby driving digital disruption.

Companies, big and small alike, irrespective of their maturity in the industry, share a common objective of gaining competitive edge and improving profitability. They are eager to adopt the right technology that drives them to revamp their products and solutions, boost workforce productivity, enable new age customer centric business models, and augment overall customer experience.


Digital Enterprise Blueprint

The journey towards successful digital transformation starts with deconstructing and analyzing the structure of the existing core processes. By reviewing assumptions and constraints in existing operations, the enterprise can better establish customer alignment.

We employ this approach to develop customized digital ecosystems for companies looking to adopt disruptive technologies such as cloud, social, mobile, Big Data, and advanced analytics, and ride the tidal wave of changing customer demands effectively.

Business Innovation Centre

Companies today want their technology teams to continuously innovate and come up with ideas with the potential to reinvent their core business models. Enterprises also expect their IT units to leverage emerging technologies to remain relevant and competitive.

LTI helps businesses formulate and incubate disruptive ideas using a fail-fast approach in a suitably equipped Business Innovation Center. This innovation laboratory helps financial services organizations check the viability of innovative models and solutions using prototypes, ensuring a successful enterprise-wide rollout.

Design Experience

The new age customer expects superior customer engagement across multiple direct and indirect touch points. To cater to this industry requirement, we provide Design Experience-as-a-service to help organizations identify new avenues of engagement and shape customer experiences.

We leverage Design Thinking to revamp your core business platforms, driving revenue growth and increasing customer retention, while ensuring optimal operational efficiency and higher profitability.


Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) stores digital data in a secure and accessible manner, facilitating speedy, cost effective transfer of assets. The versatility of this technology creates numerous applications across industries such as identity management, global remittances, insurance smart contraction, healthcare record keeping, and digitization of physical assets.

LTI’s Blockchain specialists and domain experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you develop and implement custom DLT solutions through rapid PoC development. Our teams are equipped to scale-up these prototypes in a quick and cost-efficient manner, thereby accelerating Blockchain adoption across your business value chain.

Workplace by Facebook

Seamless collaboration across disciplines and geographies is crucial for businesses to achieve optimum organizational productivity. Workplace by Facebook is an enterprise level platform that caters to workplace collaboration requirements. Built to transform employee engagement, it minimizes silos and communication barriers to enhance inter-department collaboration. This platform also encourages greater transparency between leadership and the rest of the workforce.

As a global implementation partner, LTI has access to exclusive vendor support and expertise, streamlining the deployment of the product and associated change management.