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Data and Analytics

Enterprises today have access to unprecedented volumes of data originating from social media and connected devices, as well as transactional data and enterprise data sets. Businesses can gain sustainable competitive advantage by deriving actionable insights from this data.

With customer being more informed and smarter, competition among financial institution is getting fierce to retain customers and win new business from customers.

Rapid adoption of newer tools, techniques and partnerships with innovative start-up firms have become the norm, while the struggle to effectively manage & protect the “data” continues to pose challenges.

LTI’s Data and Analytics Practice partners with clients to develop an outcome oriented data and analytics strategy, accelerate the delivery of solutions by reusing artefacts, utilizing LTIs proprietary tools and accelerators to effectively manage data through its life cycle.

We help enterprises achieve competitive differentiation by creating a connected enterprise built on an enterprise data foundation.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Enabling enterprises to conceptualize and run robust Master Data Management programs, leveraging our expertise in complex business intelligence and data warehousing applications

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Data Migration & Integration

Data Migration & Integration

Boost data integrity by always staying on top of dynamic enterprise information with well-defined data retention and migration policies

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Data Quality and Governance

Data Quality and Governance

Standardize, monitor and measure enterprise-wide data on an ongoing basis to ensure high quality data for decision making

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Master Data Management

Ensuring a single version of the master data for entities such as customers and products is critical to running core business processes. Accurate product and customer data ensures that the right products are shipped to the right customer location. Holistic understanding of customer preferences enables companies to launch hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that help improve return on marketing investment (ROMI).

LTI’s Consulting team offers services throughout strategy building and implementation, and helps drive master data management programs internally and externally.  Other services include:

  • MDM Strategy: As-is state assessment, business case development, and roadmap creation
  • MDM Quality Services
  • MDM Data Governance and Organization
  • MDM Data Lake Implementation, Maintenance and Support
  • BI and Data Warehouse Implementation 

Organizations often spend years in defining their enterprise information architecture, and then develop an extensive, multi-year program to realize it.     We leverage our expertise in architecting large-scale, complex business intelligence and data warehousing applications, and provide holistic Enterprise Information Management (EIM) implementation services to accelerate BI initiatives.    Furthermore, our data architecture team leverages industry best practices and frameworks such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) to define enterprise data architecture.

Data modeling differs across industries and could be done either as a Third Normal Form (3NF) or as a dimensional data warehouse. We have adopted various industry-standard 3NF data models and implemented them for leading financial services organizations. Solutions implemented encompass:

  • Standard Reporting
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Self service BI
  • Mobile BI
  • Cloud Hosted BI Solution

LTI understands both greenfield and brownfield implementations, and collaborates with business and IT teams to discover, analyze and strategize future roadmap for new warehouse architecture.

Data Migration & Integration

Data is a critical corporate asset and is considered to be the foundation layer of enterprise information management architecture. Constant changes in business environment, upgrades in database technologies and ever the increasing size of data makes database administration all the more challenging. Curbing explosive data growth has become a cause of concern for organizations, and if not tackled effectively, could put business-critical data at a risk of going offline.

Leveraging robust data retention policies, inactive data can get intelligently relocated, while ensuring integrity and superior access to information in the future.

LTI offers expertise across:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Migration
  • HA and DR Design 
  • Data Analysis, and Database Support and Maintenance (Remote and Onsite)
  • Data and Advanced Analytics

In addition to the huge amount of internal data that organizations churn out every day, there is also need for using external data – unstructured, semi-structured or with an unknown structure – to improve decision support.

In such cases, companies must explore and analyze data, adopt it if it serves business requirements, derive insights needed to run the business efficiently, and retire data when it is no longer required. Keeping up the pace is extremely essential while performing all of these activities as data is susceptible to changes in real time.

We offer the following services for Data:

  • Consulting Services
  • Roadmap / Architecture Definition
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Implementation and Support

Our Analytics Maturity Assessment helps organizations decide on preparatory steps to align their BI programs with the analytics roadmap. We thoroughly review the existing information architecture from a business and technical perspective, identify gaps and offer detailed recommendations.

By partnering with us, you will benefit from LTI’s Mosaic Decisions platform, a holistic suite of integrated Data engineering and analytics services. It is offered via a single platform, which can be implemented as a standalone product, or hosted with an existing Data solution. Mosaic Decisions is a one-stop solution for all your data engineering and analytics requirements. Its layered approach enables you to accelerate time to market, enhance value addition and reduce costs.

Data Quality and Governance

Data Quality impacts the ROI of every data-dependent business system. The quality of data depends on design and production processes involved in generating the data. Our data quality services help organizations access and use reliable, usable and dependable data through streamlined data profiling, standardization and cleansing.

Implementing an all-encompassing, effective data quality program depends on good data governance. We help financial services firms define various metrics to monitor and measure the quality of data and to govern it as an asset of the organization.

LTI facilitates the development, execution and supervision of architecture, policies, practices and procedures that are essential to address your information needs and efficiently manage the enterprise-wide data lifecycle.

We collect, prepare, use, maintain and retire data with robust controls and audit trails, and leverage proven processes for continuous improvement, enabling organizations to reconcile disparate views, ensuring a single version of truth.