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Cybersecurity: Financial Services

With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated, frequent and difficult to trace, there is a need to counter the risks by adopting an intelligent and integrated cyber security approach. Companies must design and execute a holistic and future-ready cybersecurity program to identify threats, protect assets, detect security gaps, and trigger an immediate counter-response effectively. Especially financial service providers like banks, brokerages and institutions, which are under maximum threat today, must fast-track the measures.

As financial institutions engage in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), adopt new technologies like mobile payment systems, and expand operations, they significantly increase their risk footprint. Attackers threaten both, their credibility and integrity, as they capitalize through data theft by insider trading, or monetize stolen payment card information.

At LTI, we understand and anticipate the complexities of underlying business environment and possible impact of technological risks that can affect the continuity of your business operations. LTI offers an innovative solution to protect your assets for Retail Banking Lending & Leasing, Cards & Payments, Asset & Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Stock Exchanges, and Life & General Insurance in the fastest manner. Our consultants help organizations minimize risks and develop tailored security programs. LTI provides solutions to firms of all sizes to detect and defend against exploits and advanced attacks that bypass their traditional security measures, without disrupting day-to-day business.

LTI’s Cyber Defense Resiliency Solution enables AI/ ML and Analytics-driven threat Identification, protection, detection, hunting and investigation. The solution automates the response and recovery in real-time to mitigate advanced cyber threats across all your assets.

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Key Capabilities

  • Strategic partnerships with all major security vendors across Cyber Defense & Digital Security Portfolio – Intel, HP, Microsoft, RSA Security, Palo Alto Networks, Skybox Security, Forcepoint, Trend Micro, Imperva, FireEye, SumoLogic, Securonix and more.
  • 1,200+ seasoned cybersecurity consultants with an average experience of 8+ years
  • 450-seater state-of-the-art Cyber Defense Resiliency center in Canada. NJ, Poland and India (5 centers)
  • Delivered complex cybersecurity projects successfully for 72 + leading global organizations.

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Managed Security Services

LTI’s Managed Security Services portfolio is designed to set up a comprehensive cyber security framework at your organization. With ambitious SLAs and measurable KPIs, LTI is committed to act as your strategic cyber security partner and ensure your security framework remains resilient to latest cyber threats.

Cyber Threat Management

Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber Analytics with UEBA/SBDL

Security Automation and Orchestration

Digital Security

IOT/IIOT/OT Cyber Defense Services

Digital Identity Assurance Services

Multi-Cloud Threat Defense Services

The 24x7 integrated cyber defense resiliency center and solution accelerators

Advanced Threat & Vulnerability Services

Red Teaming Services

Breach Attack Simulation Services

Blue Teaming Services

Cyber Forensics Services

Cyber Defense Awareness, Education Services

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Management

Consulting & Transformation Services

Banking and Financial sectors require strategic and tactical expert advisory and consulting, especially during transformations, to establish a robust cybersecurity framework. Hence, a detailed planning and meticulous execution becomes crucial to ensure smooth transition – from the design & deployment to operations stages.

Additionally, security governance, risk assessment & compliance management require an ongoing interaction and guidance from skilled consultants, as requirements keep changing due to the underlying technological metamorphosis.

The banking sector’s interest in the latest developments in cyber security, computing or gamification is growing day by day. LTI’s Cybersecurity practice understands the complexities of such transformations and provides consulting & advisory services in project mode to meet all such requirements. We have established premium partnerships with leading security solutions providers, enabling us to provide appropriate and contextual advisory under any scenario for you.

LTI’s Cyber Defense Consulting Services Consists of

Cyber Defense Risk Profiling and Quantification

Cyber Defense Program and Risk Governance

Cyber Defense Strategy and Roadmap Services

Digital Cyber Risk Profiling

Third-Party Risk and Governance