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Business Process Automation

Given that automation plays a pivotal role in ensuring differentiation and maximizing customer satisfaction, enterprises increasingly seek state-of-the-art technology like artificial neural networks, human machine interfaces and robotics — in lieu of traditional process automation. There are numerous advantages to extreme automation and complete process re-engineering such as improved flexibility, employee sentiment, organizational efficiency and customer experience, and lower operating costs.

Moreover, the rise of the tech-savvy consumer has driven enterprises to explore technology that provides real time interaction, and smooth information exchange.

LTI Canada’s technical expertise in process consulting, proven BFS domain experience, and DevOps-based processes help you improve automation capacity, enabling you to automate your workflows and identify opportunities that show promise of augmented productivity.

To expedite process transformation, we provide access to a comprehensive, reusable process asset library.  Our business process automation framework and process reengineering toolkit accelerate strategic initiatives across business excellence, cost reduction, and service experience enhancement.


BPM Solutions

With the aim to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, this automation offering from LTI leverages technology sets like Cognitive OCR, Image Recognition, RPA, Rule Engine, BPMS Workflow, API and Enterprise Service Bus to automate process value chains.

We have extensive experience in the business process management space encompassing designing, modeling, execution, monitoring, optimization, and reengineering of processes. Our solutions have helped leading BFS companies reduce process turnaround time to the tune of 70% for business critical functions.

Robotics Process Automation

Used to improve productivity by automating unproductive, manual tasks, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) also assumes the role of an operations user — acting as the link to infinite discrete systems in the environment.

LTI Canada applies its RPA expertise and financial services domain knowledge to optimize complex processes by redesigning, integrating, and automating disparate workflows. By combining GUI-based software and object-based cloning, we streamline back office workflows and enable non-intrusive automation, requiring minimal capital expenditure.

Intelligent Automation

By adding cognitive intelligence to robotic automation, Intelligent Automation provides adaptive learning process to operational decisions. Using historical transactions and patterns, smart automation helps in identifying appropriate element in unstructured data, identify likeliness of an event, and enable making objective decisions.

Our cognitive computing and automation experts identify suitable process candidates and apply appropriate cognitive models to the value chain. We enable the operational team to reduce manual effort with smarter automation and make key decisions by adding statistical reasonings.

IT Operations Automation

Since IT organizations are strategic cost centres, process automation is often employed to derive several benefits such as enhanced service availability and increased business value.

Our offering has diagnostic capabilities that enable early issue detection, thereby prompting preventive resolutions and enhancing the overall IT hygiene. LTI Canada’s expertise in operations automation has aided numerous companies to optimize their IT development, deployment and support activities, while lowering operating expenditure and rationalizing the IT headcount.

DevOps Tool Chain Orchestration

While most companies recognize that DevOps encourages innovation and business agility, installing the DevOps Tool Chain remains a challenge. Toolsets are essential to the success of a DevOps program as they have a multitude of automation applications targeting package build, validation and verification, continuous integration and deployments.

Our team at LTI Canada has proven experience in DevOps Tool Chain Orchestration. Based on thorough analysis of existing enterprise processes, our tools have helped top Canadian financial services firms enhance speed to market and customer responsiveness, while propelling them towards DevOps maturity.