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Webcast: Securing Your Remote Workforce: Monitoring Use Case Demo

We are living a new normal – today working from home is a norm rather than an exception. Remote working brings with it cybersecurity challenges that security teams must deal with. These could include unsecure devices, sharing or compromising credentials, accessing critical applications over unsecure external networks, and other behavioral attributes can make enterprises vulnerable to exploits, compromise system integrity, and leak sensitive data.

LTI’s security offerings
To maintain system integrity and prevent data breach, LTI has created a set of simple yet curated offerings. This includes a free advisory service, along with security offerings for collaboration that ensure data and asset safety.

LTI is also helping you – our clients and community – understand these unprecedented challenges, by collaborating with partners like Securonix to develop solutions that effectively monitor and mitigate cyber threats, and ultimately create a secure work environment.

If you missed our webinar, here is the webcast you can access at any time or share it on-demand with your team. If you need more info or would like to connect with our speakers, write to:


  • Cyber threat challenges that result from remote work setup
  • Key security controls that organizations should consider for mitigating cyber risk to their environment
  • LTI advisory service offerings to assist customers
  • Securonix packaged solution for remote workforce monitoring
  • Hands-on demo of the Securonix solution with use cases from the trenches


Prasenjit Saha

Prasenjit Saha
Executive Vice President, Global Head – Cyber Security, LTI  

Sujay Doshi

Sujay Doshi
Senior Product Manager for Cyber Threat Content, Securonix