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WealthDocs™ – Investor & Advisor Electronic Document Solution

LTI’s WealthDocs™ Portal provides Investors and their Advisors with around the clock, web-based access to view their valuable investor documentation in a secure and encrypted portal. Seamlessly integrated with Unitrax®, the WealthDocs™ solution provides instantaneous, secure access to investor statements, tax forms, transaction confirmations, and more. These white-labeled applications can be used as a stand-alone portal or integrated within a Providers website.

The WealthDocs™ application is equipped with an array of white-label features that allow your organization to tailor the solution to your brand, and provide a wealth of user benefits:

  • Secure, self-serve document hosting solution reduces Client Service calls
  • 24×7 accessibility enhances service availability
  • Application can be tailored to the Providers brand
  • Paperless document option improves delivery timelines, while reducing costs and environmental footprint
  • Tablet-friendly solution supports users on the go
  • Fully Bilingual application (English & French)

WealthDocs™ Feature Highlights

WealthDocs™ comes complete with a variety of valuable product features:

  • Investor Document Hosting support for Statements, Transaction Confirmations, Tax forms, and Fee disclosure documents (CRM2)
  • Paperless Documents: Investors can choose WealthDocs™ as their sole document source and stop home paper delivery of their documents
  • E-mail notifications: Investors can opt-in to receive e-mail notifications whenever a new document has been loaded to the portal
    • Ad-hoc Point-in-Time Statements & Gain/Loss Reports: Users can create ad-hoc statements or Gain/Loss reports in real-time with custom date ranges
    • Secure Investor Self-Registration functionality – Investors can authenticate themselves and generate a secure Login ID for instant access to the app.
    • Advisor view: Advisors can access Investor documentation for their entire book of business
    • White-labelled Application: Maximum flexibility for Providers to control numerous user experience functions. Examples include:
      • Branding: Logos, colours, labels and advertising space.
      • Messages and Disclaimers: Insert custom messages, disclaimers and legal terms thorough the application
      • Show/Hide Functionality: Providers can show or hide functions or screens to align with their product offerings or preferences
  • 24×7 application availability


Improved decision support

  • Instant, around the clock access to important investor documentation

Superior customer experience

  • Simplified navigation, reduced clicks, better data findability, and a rich, device-agnostic UI

Reduced cost-to-serve

  • E-delivery of investor documentation
  • Intuitive self-service features

Quick to deploy

  • Out-of-the-box web solution with easy personalization

Fully supported and maintained by LTI

Seamlessly integrated with LTI’s Unitrax® Platform

LTI’s Services

Hosting and Maintenance

  • Quick implementation and high application availability
  • Hosting, provisioning, and management of hardware
  • Maintenance and updating of software
  • Product configuration and deployment management

Disaster Recovery

  • Superior business continuity with a robust, multi-location data center framework
  • LTI’s proprietary, all-encompassing business continuity plan
  • Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS) of fewer than 6 hours.

Product Support and Service Monitoring

  • 24×7 monitoring of application availability
  • Track ongoing operations and performance of the product
  • Application management and version control
  • Application support from 8 to 8 on all working days.