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WealthDecisions™ – Data and Advanced Analytics Platform

Business leaders around the globe, and across industries, recognize that data and analytics is the key to nurture and grow a successful business.
As competition increases, margins narrow, and businesses look for innovative ways to differentiate – the ability to quickly and cost effectively build and execute on data driven strategies is becoming increasingly important.

At LTI, we continue to engage our customers on the challenges that they face, and the opportunities on the horizon relative to data and analytics. Across the Canadian financial services industry, the dialogue is often the same, organizations are consistently looking to data to give them an advantage as they address changing business needs and differentiate themselves in the market.

WealthDecisions™ offers an enterprise class Analytics-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service platform that allows customers to drive transformational business outcomes at speed and scale. It’s open architecture design provides agility & flexibility to extend and integrate with any 3rd party data sources or existing enterprise data sources and analytics processes.

WealthDecisions™ – Self Service Data and Reports

At the core, WealthDecisions™ is built with ready to use connectors to various external data sources to reduce time to market, and a suite of open source technologies to enable customers to lower the operational costs of their data strategy. The common themes that we hear and address around data enablement includes:

  • Data consolidation, aggregation and enrichment for actionable insights that will drive growth
  • More effectively dealing with changing regulations, compliance and governance needs
  • Increased transparency for customers into the quality of services provided
  • Self-service access to consumable data and analytics for real time decision making
  • Leveraging data and analytics to drive operational efficiency, scalability and growth
  • Data integration backed by strong risk management, data protection and cybersecurity policies

With data from LTI Canada’s Unitrax® platform as the core data source, and enriched through the addition of data from multiple industry and customer sources, WealthDecisions™ enables financial services firms to access their data and derive actionable insights into their business relative to investors, advisors and transaction based sales activity. Through collaboration with our customers – pre-built analytics models have been developed and can be made available for consumption through the solution marketplace, which will continue to grow, and provide business value through identification of cross/sell upsell opportunities, product rationalization, operational and regulatory efficiencies and targeted marketing campaigns.

At LTI Canada, we understand that your data and analytics strategy will evolve over time. To ensure that we effectively support you along the way, WealthDecisions™ provides flexible data and analytics consumption options that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs.

LTI WealthDecisions™ – Accelerate analytics, business intelligence, data discovery and data integration.

LTI WealthDecisions™ – Data and Analytics Consumption Models

Analytics and Data Enrichment (AaaS)

  • Aggregation of data from multiple data sources such as Unitrax®, social media, analysts, and regulatory bodies, external customers data, to create insights on product rationalization, regulatory compliance, asset retention, and customer activity

Managed Data Services thru DaaS

  • Consumable data assets pre-built to support data integration into customer data lakes and data warehouses. Besides standard data assets available through DaaS, we offers LTI managed PoCs, to accelerate the delivery of Custom Engineered Datasets to meet client and their customer’s unique data requirements.

Self-Service Business Intelligence and Reports

  • Integration to an industry leading business intelligence platform that provides access to self-service business intelligence and custom reporting – with flexible scheduling, output formats and visualization options.

Data Exploration

  • An option for data savvy users to use an interface that allows users to compose simple to complex SQL Queries. Frequently used queries can be saved for future use. Query results can be downloaded in CSV file format.