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Operational Efficiency Solutions


BPM with Digital Case and Content Manager (dCCM)

LTI Canada offers an enterprise class business process management (BPM) and content management (ECM) solution that is customized to support record keeping administration in Canada. Our dCCM solution leverages industry leading intelligent business processing software, and integrates it directly with your Unitrax® environment.

dCCM streamlines the digitization and centralization of documents and work items across channels, and standardizes workflows for routing them. It boosts collaboration through internet-based access that allows users to optimize workload management across geographies. Enabled with case management capabilities, and robust analytics and dashboard features, dCCM is built as an enterprise-class content and business process management platform.

Bulk Data Loading

Unitrax® Bulk Data Load helps companies upload large volumes of data from pre-defined templates onto the system to reduce processing time, and facilitate bulk data entry from alternate sources. The offering converts data from MS Excel spreadsheets to XML format for consumption by Unitrax®.  Once the XML file is uploaded, Unitrax® screens create records, real-time responses and facilitate error handling.  The original file loaded with the response file remains available in Unitrax® for auditing.

This functionality supports MS excel templates for investor and account setup, non-financial updates, systematic plans, transactions, account distribution, annual accrual taxation, clipboard messages, and more.

ASP Plus

As a part of our ASP Plus managed services offering, we facilitate ongoing release-over-release maintenance of core Unitrax® tables, enhanced overnight batch support, and file transfers for bank EFT, RESP filings and more. Our team of dedicated operators collaborates with you to identify batch runtimes, fulfill special support needs, configure tables based on your business rules, and select the right file transfer protocols, thereby delivering custom services that adhere to strict SLAs. ASP Plus services include tax table, business day calendar, settlement cycle and tax code maintenance, generic table updates, and daily activities such as running nightly cycles.

Regression Testing

At LTI Canada, we bring together years of rich testing experience from our Testing Center of Excellence, and an extensive suite of automated test cases that will help you accelerate regression testing of your Unitrax® environment.

Our team will work directly with you to document and build automated test scripts that reflect your critical business processes. These scripts are then added to our existing automated regression testing suite, and run against your Unitrax® environment for each release.  LTI Canada will produce a detailed test case completion status report, and walk you through any variances that require business validation. This service dramatically reduces the internal resource cost of supporting testing each release, while providing comfort that comprehensive testing was performed, with an auditable report of all test results.