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Digital Case and Content Manager (dCCM™)

Financial services companies are looking to enhance employee experience, optimize and digitize business workflows, and enable self-service capabilities to drive organizational productivity. Manual, error-prone processes affect turnaround time and pose a serious challenge for businesses looking to boost operational agility.

Disparate workflows, multiple content ingestion sources and data types, and cross location work distribution, all make it difficult to streamline business process management, and maximize staff productivity. LTI Canada’s Digital Case and Content Manager (dCCM) helps financial services companies accelerate and scale-up digitization, business process management, and content management initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

dCCM™ centralizes content from any source, implements industry-standard case management processes, provides oversight, reporting, analytics and comes with round-the-clock application support. At it’s core, dCCM is an enterprise class business process and content management solution, that can easily be extended across any business process within the financial services value chain – to enhance digitization, operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Key features

  • Unitrax® Integration
    • Content integration and retrieval directly from Unitrax® for improved customer service
    • Integration to Unitrax® data for reports, dashboards and analytics
    • Enhanced auditing capabilities to monitor changes being made on Unitrax®
    • Double key quality control to minimize processing errors and compensation expense
    • Systematic ingestion of Unitrax® reports, supporting a single-entry point for all daily work
  • Case Management / Workflow
    • Dynamic case management framework to increase process flexibility and adhoc tasks
    • Internet facing infrastructure, supporting multi-location collaboration and workflow
    • Pre-built industry standard workflows covering indexing, standard processing, quality control, Not in Good Order (NIGO) policies and adjustments
    • Monitors email queues and uses in-built plug-ins for Outlook to support systematic case creation
  • Multi-Channel Content Capture and Digitization
    • Ingest and digitize content from email, fax, scan, or manual uploads
    • Integration of content/reports from other systems, to digitize and centralize all work
    • Available Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to maximize automation and straight-through processing
    • Utilizing industry-leading malware detection solutions to protect against potential threats within uploaded documents
  • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Customizable reports to oversee and manage all workflow and workforce activities
    • Provides in-depth management dashboards to track work volume, user productivity, queue status and alerts
    • Analytics to identify inefficient processes and training opportunities
  • Document Management
    • Stores, retrieves and manages all digitized documents and records
    • Manage archive and retention policies
    • Collaborate, share, mark up, and audit all documents
    • Comprehensive search features – through text or metadata

What makes us stand out:

  • Proven Delivery Partner
    • Demonstrated ability to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions, leveraging our robust capabilities across people, processes, governance and controls
  • Global workforce
    • LTI Canada harnesses the experience of over 600 LTItes staff globally that have vast implementation and integration expertise in both workflow management and automation
  • Locally hosted solution
    • dCCM is built on business-critical solution architecture and hosted alongside Unitrax® in our tier-3 Canadian data centres
  • Business centricity
    • We offer geography-specific domain expertise in developing and maintaining BPM solutions for financial services companies
  • Innovation and vision
    • LTI Canada sees BPM as a critical component for the success of an organization’s automation and digitization strategy, and continues to invest significantly in building future-ready, cost-effective solutions, and bolstering capabilities across emerging technologies
  • Proven implementation methodology
    • We help you expedite time to market by employing an agile ‘playback’ approach
  • Unitrax® integration
    • dCCM integrates seamlessly with Unitrax® using in-built connectors included in the implementation, requiring no additional integration effort or cost