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Access to Data and Integration Solutions

Unitrax® API’s, Data Replication Services, and Report and Extract Catalog facilitate the integration of Unitrax data, either in real time or in batches, to other enterprise systems.

A diverse suite of integration tools are available to support robust interfaces to existing applications and external systems that need to interact with Unitrax®. These solutions facilitate the exchange of information, enhance data visibility, and bolster reporting and analytics capabilities.


Unitrax® API’s

This Representational State Transfer (REST) based solution allows users to interact with Unitrax® data in real-time using their in-house applications or websites. It is a platform-agnostic offering that can integrate with any system that is capable of submitting API requests.

Unitrax® API’s allow both inquiry and update access to Unitrax, with the details of the functions, configuration and technical requirements documented in our online API Exchange Portal. API’s enable the connection of your front-end solutions with Unitrax® for seamless and straight through processing (STP) of various business processes. These come with full disaster recovery failover ability, 24×7 product support, and are available as a hosted solution by LTI Canada.

Unitrax® Data Replication Services

In order to support enterprise data warehouses, and enhance data accessibility, LTI Canada offers a solution that enables near real time data replication of intra-day updates from Unitrax® to your external systems.

Based on enterprise-class change data capture (CDC) software, Unitrax® Data Replication Services are hosted in our Canadian data center, with full disaster recovery capability and round-the-clock monitoring. The solution is highly configurable and allows for customized deployment of desired data sets. Moreover, data transformation can also be made available, depending on specific needs and requirements.

Unitrax® Report and Extract Catalog

The Unitrax exhaustive Report and Extract Catalog comes with over 150 ‘ready to use’ data extracts to support integration to external systems and data warehouses, further bolstering interoperability.  The data extract file categories include account details, cash sheets, cheque details, transactions, dealers and advisors, sales, assets, unit balances, commissions, and more.

In addition to data extracts, Unitrax® also has approximately 400 in-built reports to strengthen operational reporting capabilities.

Unitrax® Output Distribution Services (UODS)

UODS lets companies distribute Unitrax® reports in an automated manner, thereby minimizing the effort and risk associated with the manual distribution of reports and documents.  The solution provides a systematic, auditable, and recoverable process for the delivery of Unitrax® reports by email or FTP to business users and customers.

Email attachments are zipped, encrypted, and protected with passwords for enhanced data security. UODS is compatible with various document and extract formats including XLS, TXT, CSV, Pipe Delimited, and HTML.

In addition to its capabilities as a report distributor, UODS also facilitates LTI’s ability to rapidly develop, schedule, and publish custom reports and data extracts to meet your specific requirements. Common examples would include custom operational reports or data extract files used to integrate with a CRM system.