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Virtual CIO Peer Forum: Implementing a Vision of Innovation and Transformation through Cost, Security, and Quality Measures in Financial Services Industry

Date: June 3rd, 2020 at 1pm EST

Financial Services industry is going through major transformations, whether it is in Payments processing, Open Banking APIs, Customer Onboarding solutions or self-serve products in the market often built in partnership with Fintechs. However the Cybersecurity threat is higher than ever, pressures on revenue generation and product profitability is very real across many organizations.

Transforming legacy platforms, working with millennials while upskilling an aging workforce, building new solutions to improve customer experience while dealing with the security, quality and stability pressures is no cake walk. Bringing together a clear vision that is supported by a multi-faceted strategy provides a clear path for the technology organization.

Meet Yasemin Sezer, Head – Technology & Operations, LTI Canada, discussing a business case implementing a vision to drive customer experience transformation in Financial Services.

Key elements of discussion will focus on:

  • Legacy platform transformation
  • Innovation culture
  • Workforce transformation
  • Automation with AI, RPA, Workflow and ML
  • Diversity and Women4Women initiatives

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