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LTI Canada hosts Unitrax® Client Forum #6 of 2019: Discussing Compliance and Operational Efficiency

LTI Canada product team hosts Unitrax® Client Forum #6 for 2019 to engage clients with what’s new on the system, innovation, shared development opportunities and open discussion of like minds focused on servicing the end investor.

Date: 4th December, 2019

LTI Canada’s Client Forum provides a venue for our clients to come together to discuss common areas of benefits and improvements. Attended generally by team leads, operations, IT, and product heads. The session highlights upcoming features allowing for an opportunity to ask questions on both the system configuration as well as the business needs driving the change. The session allows our clients to request usability enhancements that LTI product team reviews. Clients are looking to cost-share projects also take advantage of this venue to solicit support from other clients with similar needs where cost sharing becomes the business case enabler.

This session focuses on:

  • Enhancing auto-switching capability – supporting products with early redemption fees
  • Distribution processing efficiencies
  • Managing the Product Shelf – supporting the product manager
  • Product Pricing Enhancement – introducing new capability