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Minimize disruptions to your business in the New Normal

The world as we knew, has changed considerably with the Coronavirus pandemic affecting global businesses across the world, forcing millions of employees to work remotely. On the positive side, the uncertainty induced by the COVID-19 crisis has paved the way for enhanced customer excellence through accelerated digital transformation.

As far as the Wealth & Asset Management Industry is concerned, adapting to the “New Normal” is all about focusing on modernization and process efficiency to enhance the customer journey. Ultimately, the ability to deliver positive customer experience is a key indicator of success within any business.

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has adopted a moratorium on new policy work until the end of lockdown but stated that measures to reduce needless compliance work could still move ahead. To reinforce digital ways of better adopting the “New Normal,” the regulator has encouraged enabling digital capabilities to reduce paper and adaptation of platforms to industry and regulatory changes – i.e. RRIF Minimums, filing deadline changes, negative MM rates, and so on.

At LTI Canada, we’ve been closely monitoring changes that impact our platform & services and are engaged with IFIC and other industry bodies to track updates on new/proposed items. Our approach to solution for these changes is being communicated regularly through our standard customer forums and open communication channels.

We pivot swiftly and adapt quickly, thanks to our solid digital ecosystem, one which enables us to mitigate any risk to our business continuity commitments. All LTI applications are browser-enabled and securely accessible online through our clients’ corporate or remote office locations, providing uninterrupted service to support our customers and their clients’ business operations.

LTI Canada has a robust suite of products that can help you drive your business operations smoothly and seamlessly. To fulfil your wealth and asset management industry needs, this product suite will enable breakaway transformation amid the COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging platforms that are reliable and resilient.


  • Unitrax® is LTI Canada’s proprietary SaaS-based, multi-tenant transfer agency record keeping platform that enables fund manufacturers and insurance providers to address their record-keeping needs across product lines.
  • Provides online remote access availability to perform all operational tasks
  • Unitrax reports are distributed and available digitally

Digital Case and Content Manager (dCCM™) – helps financial services companies accelerate and scale-up digitization, business process management, and content management initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

  • Once digitized, scanned paper documents are shared virtually amongst team members, reducing physical contact points.
  • Automatic digitization and work item creation of incoming faxes, e-mails, and bulk document transmissions.
  • Centralized work distribution capabilities of dCCM provide users online access to all digitized documents and related work items from any location
  • Supervisors can easily monitor and manage work volumes remotely through the accessible online reporting and alerting capabilities of dCCM
  • All current and completed work is digitally archived and securely accessible

Reporting and Analytics Solution
This web-based business intelligence solution assists businesses in making data-driven decisions that help increase profitability, reduce cost, minimize risk, and improve customer satisfaction.

WealthLink™ & WealthDocs™

  • Our WealthLink & WealthDocs portals offer secure, online self-serve access for Investors and Advisors to view their investment-related data from any browser-based device.
  • Paperless investor documents – WealthLink & WealthDocs host Investor Tax Forms, Statements and Transaction Confirmations online, providing instant, contactless access to these important investor documents 24v7 for both Investors and their advisors.
  • Investors can register digitally for instant access to WealthLink and WealthDocs.

In summary, with the right tools and partners in place, orchestrating a healthy digital ecosystem and thriving within it gets a lot easier. LTI Canada is here to solve for our clients, with the right focus on innovation and agility, we are always prepared for what’s next.