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LTI Canada’s Unitrax® Updates for September 2017: Improved usability and operations!

LTI Canada’s Unitrax® Investor Record keeping and Transfer Agency solution continues to be instrumental in supporting leading Canadian Fund Managers, Banks, and Insurance companies efficiently administer their Wealth products. Our robust platform is continuously enhanced with innovative and cost-effective solutions that ensure our clients are always in sync with the latest market trends.

With our September 17.5 update , we collaborated with our clients through internal Client Forums, IFIC FATCA/OECD CRS and CLHIA FATCA/CRS working groups to introduce solutions incorporating their needs aligned to the latest industry standards and best practices.

Key highlights of the latest release:​

  • Enhances pagination functionality to enable quick navigation to a specific page. This development also provides the ability to perform a mid-string wild card search on specific fields of existing lookup screens
  • Creation of trade date driven statement extract
  • Support for transaction level storage of externally paid commission.
  • LTI Canada’s proprietary data upload changes
    • Tracking of non-financial transaction processed through templates.
    • Enhancement to add additional fields on associated upload response files
    • Enhancement to support additional adjustment features on Transaction Adjustment Template
    • Enhancement to support new transaction types on Transaction Template
  • Support for time-weighted distribution ​​