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LTI Canada migrates Unitrax® platform, brings browser-based interface to foster agility & innovation

LTI Canada is committed to investing heavily in products and technology platforms. Recently, we have achieved two major milestones in our continuous improvement roadmap. We have completed the migration of our core Unitrax® platform to IBM Power 9 servers. As a result, our customers are seeing dramatic improvements in both batch and interactive runtimes, allowing them to complete their daily business cycles earlier than ever before.

In conjunction with these infrastructure upgrades, LTI has also officially retired the Unitrax® Text-based User Interface (TUI), also known as ‘green screens’ – fully replaced by browser-based interface that has seen continuous enhancements and screen rationalization over the last number of years.

Our customers can experience its benefits through more intuitive screens, accelerated user training, and a new-age look and feel. Unitrax® is now fully supported on responsive screens, and we are committed to progressively enhance the process flows and a create a more efficient user experience through the best-in-class technologies.