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LTI Canada further enhances Unitrax® with 1st acceptance release of 2021 production release. Starting the new year focused on product innovation and client servicing ease

LTI Canada’s Unitrax® Investor Record keeping and Transfer Agency solution continues to be instrumental in supporting leading Canadian Fund Managers, Banks, and Insurance companies effectively administer their Wealth products. Continuously enhanced, our robust platform provides innovative and cost-effective solutions driven by operational efficiency.

In our 1st acceptance install, we highlight key features through our pre-install Client Forum where we address business questions prior to the install into our client’s acceptance in preparation for user acceptance testing.

Feature highlights awaiting clients include:

  • Payment processing improvements supporting ease of reconcilation
  • Maturity and Death resets improving product shelf strength
  • Life Guarantee Features enhanced increasing feature selection
  • Product servicing improved with new rebalancing features
  • Related entities automation improving client onboarding