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COVID-19 Preparedness

The public health crisis resulting from COVID-19 outbreak is impacting lives and disrupting businesses. At LTI, we remain vigilant about the spread in our communities. Our goal is to maintain continuity of operations across LTI offices and client locations, while also ensuring safety and well-being of our employees.

A cross-functional taskforce with representatives from Business Continuity & Resilience, HR, IT, Facilities, Travel, and Communications teams is reviewing various aspects of our readiness. This taskforce is working in accordance with the information and guidelines provided by global agencies like the WHO, Public Health Ontario and Public Health Agency of Canada, CDC, NHS, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of Government of India, as well as advisories from national, state, and local health authorities.

We are working on various aspects and protocols around facility readiness, self-awareness and social distancing. Some of the measures implemented include –

  • Increased frequency and intensity of sanitizing our facilities
  • Strict travel restrictions on all non-essential domestic and international travel
  • Maximizing work from home across regions
  • Getting our medical centers ready to support emergency situations
  • Crisis simulation exercises are being conducted, and an in-house crisis notification system is being tested
  • A global helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 has been setup
  • Regular updates and information to employees through emails, Intranet and communication channels

These are unprecedented times, and we wish our clients, employees and everyone in their personal and professional universe the best of health and wellbeing.