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With cloud computing, an infinitely scalable infrastructure with better performance and optimal cost is a reality. Business transformations have been quick with every aspect of IT powering it is changing quicker. To drive growth and sustain a competitive edge, it is imperative that enterprises quickly modernize their existing data landscape by moving to cloud and reimagining the potential of data to business.

At LTI, we understand the benefits as well as organizations’ queries and hesitations to transform. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, LTI provides its clients with the depth of its partnerships and vast experience in data and cloud, which helps overcome any potential challenges while transforming. Learn how LTI Canvas Glide and LTI Canvas Scarlet enable organizations to achieve seamless migration to AWS with minimum downtime.

  • LTI Canvas Glide: A user-friendly tool for managing Amazon Redshift database that features cost analysis, database insights, data sharing, workload management.
  • LTI Canvas Scarlet: A set of tools that accelerates the data migration journey to AWS with an automated method of reconciliating the migrated data between source and target.