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September 16-19, 2019  | 
San Francisco, CA

Catch LTI walk the red carpet

We are proud to be starring in the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – Oracle’s marquee event, where it unveils its latest cloud SaaS, PaaS and IaaS releases! This blockbuster event is a premier business and technology conference exclusively for partners and customers.

For LTI, this year’s theme is Powering the Breakaway Enterprise. Our ensemble cast consisting of four business enablers: Operate, To Transform (O2T), Digitizing the Core (DTC), Data-Driven Organizations (D2O) and Experience Transformation (EX) is sure to leave you spellbound with their capabilities and performances. As a learning organization, it is a given that we constantly update our own technology cache, so we can successfully tackle the new-age needs of our breakaway clients.

LTI has completely transformed and reinvented its capabilities, all of which can be best understood with our proprietary 4-pillar approach.
Operate, To Transform (O2T)

Leveraging the power of AI, Analytics, Automation, etc. to deliver transformation across four dimensions – Operations, Landscape, Business Process KPIs and End-user Personas

Digitizing the Core (DTC)

Move from a messy legacy landscape to a digital core equipped with advanced levels of automation and intelligence – a must for digital transformation!

Data-Driven Organizations (D2O)

As a breakaway business, you already know that Data is your oxygen. Get the most out of your data, advanced analytics, and insights, with LTI's converged platform - Mosaic

Experience Transformation (EX)

Transformed and customized engagement using human-centric design – LTI helps you redefine your customer experience

LTI’s Blockbuster Solutions

Operate, To Transform (O2T)
  • ERP Digital Gateway Leveraging Oracle API
  • SaaS Innovations for Operational Efficiency
  • Integration - Migration to Cloud Made Simple
  • LTI's On-prem Rapid Integration Framework
  • Revolutionize your Customer Engagement
  • SGM Agility through BOT
  • Oracle Enterprise Applications - Support Transformation

Data-Driven Organizations (D2O)
  • Citizen Vault Management using Blockchain
  • Global Loyalty Program Management - Blockchain

Experience Transformation (EX)
  • ERP on your Finger Tips
  • Smart Inventory Management for CPG Industry
  • Self-service Portal for Utilities

In theatres now

Reinventing the Modern Organization through Digital Transformation: A Success Story

Russ Kadziolka - Director, Digital ERP Deployments, Otis

Hanif Merchant - Director, Business Solutions, LTI

Join this session to witness how one of the world’s largest elevator manufacturers, Otis, harnessed its Digital Transformation strategy which provided unparalleled opportunities to bring about an enterprise-wide transformation. As a technology partner for this breakaway enterprise, LTI is helping Otis to modernize their technology core and improving the resilience of their IT landscape.

Tuesday, September 17

11:00 - 11:20 AM

Moscone South - Exhibition Hall

LTI Box Talks @Booth #723

Monday, 16 September

Switch On-premise Analytics to SaaS Cloud?

Switching to SaaS Cloud systems and worried about your current BI investments? Dive into our client’s transformational journey from on-premise ERP-based analytics to cloud. LTI's BI Solution experts will narrate this captivating experience to you in this session, and assist you with insightful analytics and self-service modules from SaaS Cloud.

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Application Obsolescence: Still manageable?

In the era of continuous development led by digital enhancements, application updates are monotonous yet unavoidable. While many enterprises are familiar with application obsolescence, they often lack a structured method to deal with the risks associated. However, the application availability and reliability is of paramount importance, and with a low-cost strategy, their obsolescence can be manageable. Join us for this session to experience stories where we have delivered an evergreen roadmap for keeping the applications code-current.

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Digitizing the Core with Robotic Process Automation

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a process of assisting the business users in their processes & operations with a virtual workforce of robots. RPA, along with an enterprise-wide data strategy, can give a major boost to your digital excellence goals, driving deep-rooted transformation. This session sheds light on how RPA can help enterprises transform from the core, making the innovation-led transition more sustainable.

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Tuesday, 17 September

Sentiment Analytics: Can you read my mind?

Negative, Neutral, Positive, Very Positive Buying patterns, attention patterns, feedback patterns. Every business wants to know what their customer is thinking. LTI wants to show you how to tap into their mind with Sentimental Analytics. This session offers a brilliant case study, which takes you through a sharp detour towards understanding your customers better than ever.

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Seamless Adoption of Cloud Apps for on-premise clients

Ensuring smooth migration to cloud, without compromising on the performance of an application, can be a daunting task. LTI provides enterprises with best-in-class and flexible solutions through its comprehensive cloud services, frameworks and tools. We serve our clients better by minimizing the risk of disruption of services, and increasing operational excellence by enabling superior business processes & KPIs. In this session, you can witness how LTI builds unique solutions by leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform.

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At your service: Digital Assistants

Who doesn’t like assistants, they are always on their toes, ready to serve you. Smart Digital Assistants enable enterprises to create compelling (chat) message (bot) automated transactions for customers and employees, enabling businesses to move faster and provide “always on” services. We all know by now – Engagement is the key to run your business intelligently – and this session covers just that.

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Wednesday, 18 September

Experience Transformation with Social Interaction Center

As a matter of fact, social media is reshaping today’s education system; influenced by social networks, the new-age parents, students and teachers are using innovative ways of sharing information and build a community. Join us in this engaging session to understand how we helped a regulatory body to design, build, and manage the implementation of the e-governance system. We built a unique platform for them, which could leap over the boundaries of traditional communication and establish a unified channel for ‘active listening and pre-emptive engagement' across social media. This session covers an incredible success story, which is path-breaking in its own way.

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Operate, To Transform with Mosaic Automation

Data can be a treasure trove of insight for Operational Transformation. This session helps you see the Operations data through the new lens of Mosaic Automation. Now, data is your new engine for creating a lot more value. This session introduces you to LTI’s Operate, To Transform (O2T) offering, which makes the Operations & Business Transformation real, with measurable outcomes. O2T is enabled by targeted 4D model execution, powered by Mosaic Platform and accelerated by deeply curated knowledge data lake.

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Oracle Cloud: It’s time to leverage your business investments

This sessions helps you learn the value of running your Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE systems on Oracle Cloud. You can get started with re-platforming your Oracle applications to the cloud, and achieve amplified outcomes. Develop a robust cloud roadmap with some cool tools built by LTI and take the first step towards becoming a breakaway enterprise.

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Up close and personal with
the stars of LTI

Sudhir Chaturvedi
Sudhir Chaturvedi

Whole-Time Director & President-Sales

Dr. Arvind Ankalikar
Dr. Arvind Ankalikar

Global Head, Oracle Practice

Nitin Mahajan
Nitin Mahajan

Head, Oracle Industry Solutions

Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah

VP and Head, Oracle Delivery

Santosh Borse
Santosh Borse

Area Vice President, Oracle Sales

Sachin Nade
Sachin Nade

Senior Business Solution Director, Oracle Practice

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