What it takes to Breakaway

Our Oracle ‘Operate, to Transform (O2T)’ offerings enable Operational Excellence across Ops, Landscape, Business Process KPIs and End-user Personas. We combine best-in-class digital levers like AI, analytics, automation, etc. with machine learning, re-imagined operating models, and our domain expertise to power your transformation.

Digital change is multi-dimensional. We specialize in integrating all layers of that transformation to the core of your business infrastructure. LTI & Oracle can power your enterprise with a truly digital core, breaking away from your legacy landscape.

Incorporating Data Science into an enterprise’s core operating strategy is key to business intelligence. LTI’s Oracle Analytics and its components make maintaining a data-driven framework a breeze, while enhancing your data asset advantage.

CX tops enterprise priorities. Deeply understanding every customer’s lifecycle and delivery expectations is imperative for maintaining long-term relationships. LTI’s avant-garde Oracle CX offerings can redefine experiences, no matter which sector you operate in.

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