Hybridizing Agile with Lean: For Government Enterprises

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Lead Architect in the Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive BU, LTI
Experts today are coming up with various approaches towards project management and execution, which are strongly based on the customer’s response to the product. The ideas of ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ come from the same need and philosophical…

Artificial Intelligence - A Race: Startups versus Tech Giants

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Lead Architect in the Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive BU, LTI
The world of technology is moving at a rapid pace. A decade ago, it was not so easy to start a new IT company. A new company required a huge amount of initial investment to setup. It was not so easy for startups to develop their ideas and bring…

Blockchain in Insurance

By: Saurabh Ambwani, Sr. Consultant,​​ Digital Consulting and Advisory team
Insurance is one of those industries that have processes spanning across multiple trust boundaries. The information flows between several disparate entities hindering end-to-end visibility around a given transaction. Compounding the lack of…
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Driving Growth through CPQ Solution

By: Ashish Bhatt, Delivery Manager, Manufacturing Business Unit, LTI
For B2B companies, the demand for customization and a compelling user experience poses a new set of challenges. Sales reps face more pressure to produce winning quotes faster and more profitably. At the same time, the different applications…
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Characteristics of an Assembly Line Control

By: Yashvardhan Jhawar, Sr. Project Manager and Solutions Lead, LTI’s Manufacturing Business Unit
Manufacturers today are compelled to deliver high quality products and services at a reasonable price, due to increasing customer expectations. Thus, they need to employ various techniques to ensure that the product manufactured is highly reliable.…
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Digital Disruption or is it?

By: Debottam Datta, Area Vice President – Midwest Retail, Consumer Goods, Technology and Utilities
It has been a year of disruption on all fronts… My customers – leading consumer goods companies & retailers - have been battling the impact of the Digital forces. Each of them are dealing with shifting of their customer behavior preferences…

Cyber Security in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By: Pradeep Mahangare, Project Manager – Assurance Services
The EU GDPR directs the biggest transformation to data protection laws, with the intent to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union, which comes into effect from May 25, 2018. This mandates businesses…

Time for a Reality Check: Are Your Systems Ready for GDPR Compliance?

By: Sarbajit Deb, EVP & Chief Business Officer - Nordic Region
It is less than a year before the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. As a company that caters to customers across the bloc, are you anywhere near compliance? The legislation requires businesses to…
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Supporting the renaissance of 200mm fabs

By: Pankaj Chugh, Vice President - Hi–Tech & Consumer Electronics
Earlier this year, Intel revived its construction of the 450mm factory in Chandler, Arizona. While that grabbed a lot of media attention, equally of significance is a quite renaissance, in the demand for 200mm fabrication happening across the…

Targeted Advertising: Enabling Relevance through Consumer Analytics

By: Manish Sinha, Business Development Head – Media, Entertainment & Information Services
Advertising has traditionally been one of the biggest revenue generators for cable network operators and television broadcasters like you. However, your customers today are no longer relying on the TV alone, for their content. Many of them are…

Streamlining the Digital Media Supply Chain for Better Monetization and Risk Mitigation

By: Sunil Bhosle, Dy. Head – CMT Practice (Media & Entertainment)
Disruption and the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry go back a long way. From tapes that went burst with the onset of MP3s two decades ago, to the emergence of cord-cutters who never intend to own a television or buy a cable subscription,…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Winter Is Over: CIOs & CTOs ready to put AI at the top of their strategies

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Lead Architect in the Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive BU, LTI
In the historic overview of Artificial Intelligence, AI Winter is referred to as a period of decreased funding and interest in the research of artificial intelligence. The term was given birth as an analogy to the idea of a nuclear winter. Since…
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A decade long partnership of Success & Synergy

Fortune 5 Oil & Gas Major achieves Improved Oilfield Operation Productivity through Sub Surface (G&G) Data Quality Management Tool

Middle Eastern Oil Terminal Operating Company achieves Improved Productivity & Safety through Terminal Automation System

Application Development, Maintenance & Support for Digital Supply Chain and Accounting Applications

Strategic Partner for a US-based publishing house

Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Standardizes its IT across Various Regions through LTI’s JDE Rollout

Medical Products Manufacturer acquires Improved Sales with LTI’s Sales Effectiveness & Partner Collaboration Platforms

US-Based Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer achieves Reduced TTM with LTI’s Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

US-Based Medical Products Manufacturer acquires Improved Application Availability with LTI’s SAP Support

Developing a user-friendly customer portal for European Life Insurer

Developing a Medicaid Management Information System

Reducing program implementation cycle by almost 50% for a Broker Business

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