Applying AI in Insurance

By: Amit Unde, Associate Vice President and CTO for Insurance
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the most promising technology over the last couple of years. With easier access to technology capabilities offered as a service by multiple vendors, businesses can experiment at much lower costs and…

Disruption in Asset Management Industry

By: Tulika Jaipuriar, Senior Consultant, CSTG - LTI
Imagine seeing a person using a Typewriter or a Floppy disk these days. Millennials aren’t even going to recognize them. Shocking, isn’t it? Such is the rate at which things are becoming obsolete in this digital era. Technological innovation,…

The Blockchain Conundrum – Debunking Apprehensions around Enterprise Adoption

By: Abhijoy Mustaufi, Associate Consultant, Digital Consulting & Advisory, LTI
Is it the complexity or is it the simplicity that is making Blockchain a mystery for many? Fundamentally, Blockchain is a distributed (decentralized) ledger that has three basic properties: immutable, cryptographically-encrypted and transparent.…

Digitalization in Auto & Auto-finance Market in North America

By: Sumit Singare, Associate Consultant, BFS, LTI
There was a time when Ford said, 'A customer can have a car painted in any color as long as it’s black.' We have come a long way to have a car which will park itself, and eventually start driving itself. In 2017, 275 different car models were…

Three Ways How Computer Vision Can Revolutionize Insurance

By: Amit Chopra, Thought Leader and Digital Strategy Execution Specialist
Computer vision as in interdisciplinary field that involves recognizing visual patterns. We use computer vision to focus the camera on our cell phones or apply fun filters to the images. Deep learning-enabled computer vision can identify faces…

Real World Evidence (RWE): Is Blockchain the future of Pharma Clinical Trial Technology?

By: Shaunak Mamawala, Vice President – Life Sciences, LTI
Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) have long been the standard for verifying the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical drugs. However, over the years, payers and health care providers alike have increasingly been seeking a revamp of this research…

Why should Everyone Learn Design Thinking

By: Jasmeet Narang, Associate Design Consultant-LTI
Design Thinking,is a set of tools, processes and mindsets, which enable people to solve unstructured or ill-structured problems. The first step in design thinking is to understand the challenge from the point of view of the user by immersing…

5 Challenges in scaling up IoT program

By: Sameer Joshi, Sr. Director, IoT
Trillion dollar economy… Internet of Things (IoT) and supporting digital technologies like big data analytics, AR, VR, Mobile programming have promised that number for quite some time now. Interests, queries, proofs of concept, prototypes,…

How S/4HANA Simple Logistics is delivering agility to CPG industry

By: Shrikant Shelke, Lead Technical Architect
Consumer centricity has become topmost priority for companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Consumers are more demanding than ever. So, there is consistent demand for increased agility and price competitiveness. This is leading to increased…

Impact of PSD2 on Core Banking Systems

By: Sakshi Khurana, Business Consultant – BFS, LTI
The EU is facing drastic changes in the payments industry, with PSD2, SCTinst and other regulations making their way towards realization. These regulations mark a new beginning of an era for the payment industry. In these turbulent times, it…

Provenance of Precious Metals & Gems using Blockchain

By: Sonali Gupta, Associate Consultant, Blockchain Practice, LTI
That solitaire you own; that diamond ring you gifted your spouse; that gold wedding ring – do you know where is it coming from? Have you ever pondered about the origin of these items? Found in the mines of Africa, sent to India for designing,…

Ethical Dilemmas of Digital

By: Bhooma Chutani, Head, Blockchain Practice
At a recent dinner with an MIT professor and her daughter, our conversation turned to the rising play of ethics in technology. The contention was that soon every business will have a Chief Ethics Officer, much like a CIO, a CDO or a CMO. Technology…
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Strategic Partner for a US-based publishing house

Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Standardizes its IT across Various Regions through LTI’s JDE Rollout

Medical Products Manufacturer acquires Improved Sales with LTI’s Sales Effectiveness & Partner Collaboration Platforms

US-Based Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer achieves Reduced TTM with LTI’s Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

US-Based Medical Products Manufacturer acquires Improved Application Availability with LTI’s SAP Support

Developing a user-friendly customer portal for European Life Insurer

Developing a Medicaid Management Information System

Reducing program implementation cycle by almost 50% for a Broker Business

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