Change Management as a Strategic Imperative

By: Lekshmi Surendran, Associate Consultant, Business Transformation Management, Consulting, LTI
Change management is not an added advantage for a team to thrive. It is an enabler that helps your team survive a rapidly changing business backdrop. The business vision, strategy, short-term and long-term goals are all defined, but usually…

Reimagining the Service Economy with Automation and AI

By: Rakesh Sancheti, Area Vice President at LTI, and Business Head for Analytics & Information Management Practice for Europe and Nordic
The speed of technological change is accelerating the wider acceptance of cognitive and AI realm. Recent advances in cognitive technologies, such as Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence, are pushing the frontier of what humans and…

Becoming More 'Intelligent' to Deliver Superior Customer Service: How the Finance Industry is Experimenting with AI & Machine Learning

By: Ryan Hobbs, Head of Infrastructure and Support Services, LTI Canada
The machines are all around us, taking the world by storm–transforming consumers and businesses alike in truly transformative ways. And, there’s no escaping the buzz on disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive…

SAP S/4HANA Migration – When is the Right Time to Move

By: Sapna N. Modi, SAP Practice Unit & Key Accounts Automation Champion, L&T Infotech Ltd (LTI)
SAP has declared the end of its mainstream ERP product - ECC support in 2025, and that is the deadline marked to migrate to its latest platform - SAP S/4HANA. Hence, now a days SAP S/4HANA is lot in discussions and in thoughts, though its implementation…

Media Industry & Blockchain-enabled Transformations

By: Kumar Kislay, Consultant, Media & Entertainment
Content drives the media industry. And, the content distribution landscape is experiencing frequent and transformational changes, with technological advancements. Digitization and connected networks have equipped distributors and exhibitors…

The Evolving EQ of Artificial Intelligence

By: Bhooma Chutani, Head, Blockchain Practice
If you've grown up on a steady diet of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Star Wars, like most of our generation has, a world where robots and humans must live and love side by side is not hard to imagine. In fact, I'm surprised this hasn't…

Blockchain in Semiconductor Industry

By: Shashank Sharan, Consultant, Blockchain CoE
Blockchain technology has been one of the most significant developments in the information technology space over the past few years. This technology helps in cultivating an environment of trust among the partner members by helping create a shared,…

Blockchain in Supply Chain

By: Shashank Sharan, Consultant, Blockchain CoE
The world is run by trade. An efficient supply chain to realize this exchange of goods and services, is at the center of every business- getting your inventory where it needs to be, as quickly as possible with improved visibility. In today's…

The People side of Change Management: The Role of Sponsor Anchor

By: Manjiri Shenvi, Associate Consultant - OCM Practice
When organizations are undergoing a large scale transformation, they recognize the need for systematic change management efforts. Most of the times, they are ready to on board an external agency to handle the change management aspect of transformational…

Effective Data Management - Breaking Barriers & Enhanced Decision Making

By: Aveg Kadian, Senior Consultant - Oil & Gas
The thought of Upstream Data Management revolves around recognizing, gathering and organizing data, with maintaining appropriate relationships that provide ease of access and retrieval of data. The petroleum industry too depends on large amount…

Will 2018 be a leap in gradually maturing but very crowded OTT world?

By: Nitin Kumar Dwivedi, Sr. Executive Business Development - Media & Entertainment
As we step into yet another year of Digital experimentation and intensifying competitions, media conglomerates are stepping into the next phase of ‘Over The Top video (OTT) Revolution’. Companies in this space are in a much better position…

Changing Dynamics of Information Services Industry: Orchestrate & Apply - Not Reinvent

By: Manish Sinha, Business Development Head - Media, Entertainment & Information Services
In today’s world, where calling every industry a ‘technology industry’ is no longer considered any overstatement, the industries that are getting most disrupted by technology are those that primarily deals in ‘manufacturing’ and ‘distribution’…
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