Execution Excellence in The Digital Economy - Microsoft Dynamics

By: Hemantkumar Savla, Sr. Consultant - Microsoft Dynamics Practice
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a truly modern business platform, which helps drive digital transformation by meeting unique needs, is easy to tailor and extend. It is a new type of business application that breaks down the silos between ERP and CRM…

Blockchain to foster trust and transparency

By: Bhooma Chutani, Head, Blockchain Practice
In the ongoing business environment, digital transformation is playing a key role in radically disrupting the industries. New technologies are enabling enterprises to revamp strategies and accelerate growth, as well as build new business models.…

Are you still thinking about migrating SAP Workload to Cloud?

By: Siddharth Purwar, Cloud Consultant
As public cloud adoption rate is increasing year-on-year, one question that remains constantly stuck in the mind – “When is the ideal time to move mission-critical workloads like SAP to Cloud?” There is no distinct answer to this question.…

Ensuring Successful BFSI Digital Transformation: Business, and not IT, Must be in the Driver’s Seat

By: Tina Allan, President of LTI Canada
FinTech, RegTech, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more–a whole host of technological advancements are disrupting the financial services industry today, at an unprecedented pace. In a hyperconnected world of omnipresent…

A closer look into Locking & Unlocking Scripts and its relevance during Bitcoin Transaction Validation

By: ShantiSwarup Satpathy, Senior Consultant- BFSI, LTI
I have been following this Blockchain Technology for some time now, and this blog is an attempt to provide a bit of Insight to the "Bitcoin Validation Process", which is a critical aspect of the Blockchain use case "Bitcoin". Bitcoin is a…

Impact of Digitization on Corporate Loans

By: Kedar Bade, Senior Consultant, LTI
The Finance Industry, especially banking across the world, is historically vulnerable to the losses due to frauds. Frauds amounting to billions of dollars are managed with the connivance of handful of bank staff. They use the lacuna within the…

Digital Assurance - Maximizing the ROI

By: Sameer Satpute, Vice President and Head - Asia Pacific & Japan
According a recent Gartner Report, Australia will spend USD 84.8 billion on devices, data center services, enterprise software, IT services and communication services in 2018, an increase of 2.6% over 2017. Australian business will also accelerate…

The Residual Payout Business and its Future

By: Rahul Soni, Business Analyst - BFS & M&E, LTI
Someone has rightly said - Entertainment is a serious business. Media and Entertainment business enterprises have become global organizations, where media selling to cross-continent affiliates and partners have got aided by widespread broadband…

Revised PSD2 & DLT-based Platforms: Can there be a Convergence Point?

By: Shrey Narayan, Senior Consultant, LTI
Europe is about to undergo a massive shift that will fundamentally change the business and the payments landscape. It's also likely to give an unexpected boost to digital and innovative models of IT and business platforms through various facets…

Crypto Currency – A Boon or Bane

By: Anindya Sengupta, Program Director, LTI
The latest 530 million crypto currency NEM hack at a Japanese exchange, has warranted revision of risk assessment of this promising blockchain technology. The contrast to traditional payment processing industry the crypto currencies brings,…

Corporate Cards go Virtual - Security & Simple Reconciliation Process

By: Murari Jha, Senior Consultant, Consulting Practice, LTI
1. Virtual Credit Card – An Introduction Each year, businesses spend a significant amount on their employees travel. However, without proper controls in place, unauthorized and overspending can occur. It is very important for business…

Millennials lead the way in Digital Future & Automation – Are you ready?

By: Nilima Tiwari, Senior Manager – Service Delivery, LTI Canada
By the year 2025, 75% of the workforce will consist of Millennials. The Millennium generations have entered the work place and it will never be the same again. With their rucksacks, big headphones and eyes glued to the smart phones, they are…
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Fortune 5 Oil & Gas Major achieves Improved Oilfield Operation Productivity through Sub Surface (G&G) Data Quality Management Tool

Middle Eastern Oil Terminal Operating Company achieves Improved Productivity & Safety through Terminal Automation System

Application Development, Maintenance & Support for Digital Supply Chain and Accounting Applications

Strategic Partner for a US-based publishing house

Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Standardizes its IT across Various Regions through LTI’s JDE Rollout

Medical Products Manufacturer acquires Improved Sales with LTI’s Sales Effectiveness & Partner Collaboration Platforms

US-Based Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer achieves Reduced TTM with LTI’s Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

US-Based Medical Products Manufacturer acquires Improved Application Availability with LTI’s SAP Support

Developing a user-friendly customer portal for European Life Insurer

Developing a Medicaid Management Information System

Reducing program implementation cycle by almost 50% for a Broker Business

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