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Guiding Principles for Orchestrating IT-driven Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (DX) has been the buzzword in the enterprise world for a few years now. Companies of all sizes, across industries, are talking of initiatives to reimagine themselves for the rapidly evolving digital era, where engagement is the operative word. However, most the DX programs set in motion, represent piecemeal approaches to revamping different […]

5 Key Areas in the Food and Beverage Industry Transformed by Digitalization

Innovations delivered by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many other disruptive technologies are enabling faster supply chain, efficient packaging, and therefore reducing waste while improving profits for food and beverage (F&B) companies. Let’s take a look at 6 areas in the F&B industry that are being impacted by these […]

Characteristics of an Assembly Line Control

Manufacturers today are compelled to deliver high quality products and services at a reasonable price, due to increasing customer expectations. Thus, they need to employ various techniques to ensure that the product manufactured is highly reliable. This is done by performing burn-in tests or satisfy the customer by offering different types of warranties. If any […]

Streamlining the Digital Media Supply Chain for Better Monetization and Risk Mitigation

Disruption and the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry go back a long way. From tapes that went burst with the onset of MP3s two decades ago, to the emergence of cord-cutters who never intend to own a television or buy a cable subscription, massive changes have been a constant theme for your business. Today, we […]

Quality Assurance and Testing in an Age of Digital Banking

As banking applications grow more complex and interconnected, lenders need to rely on robust, automated testing to ensure quality and integrity of financial services. Today’s financial applications, driven by the latest technologies, enable banks to provide a wide range of services, fostering increased customer satisfaction. They allow seamless transactions per second, large-scale integration, robust auditing […]

Driving Digital Transformation with Industrial Internet of Things

The fourth wave of industrial revolution, or “Industry 4.0”, is well under way, offering companies unprecedented opportunities for revamping their entire value chain, and thus sustaining relevance. Auto makers can now design a car via crowd sourcing, and also manufacture the same in less than 24 hours using 3D printing. Care providers have started used […]

Macroview: IT Process Automation Solutions

Automation was always there in IT from the beginning. Recently, automation has taken the center stage, driving innovation and agility. It also help companies with cost reduction by improving processes, eliminating manual effort. When it comes to IT Process Automation (ITPA), this segment offers a complex mix of tools and solutions. However, it is necessary […]