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Adaptive Converged Operations Model

IT Infrastructure operations have undergone many changes in the last few years: fast adoption of Digital and consequently smaller projects with shorter delivery cycles and Agile methodology; uptake in Cloud / Container/Microservices-based applications and workload distribution across Hybrid cloud; increasing importance of cyber security and data protection, maturing automation and analytic technology, etc.

The traditional operating models have not kept pace with these changes. The delivery models that we see are not customized for industry / business specifics, are siloed and the technology tower-centric ones, tend to deliver cost savings primarily from location arbitrage, optimized for delivering technical SLAs while not taking an end-to-end business view.

To address these challenges, LTI has invested and developed a fresh approach to IT Infrastructure Management – LTI’s Adaptive Converged IT Operations model.

LTI’s Converged Operations is a path-breaking and industry leading operations model that moves away from the traditional technology tower-based silos to a functional-based approach. The Converged Operations model lends itself to ITIL V 4 concepts and can easily fit in into new processes / methodologies like the Agile / DevOps / Lean, etc. The model addresses the unique and differentiated requirements of technologies and provisioning models like serverless compute, containers, microservices and multi-cloud architectures. More importantly, the Converged Operations model measures and delivers “Values” and “Outcomes” to our clients.

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    Breaking the traditional and siloed model

    Key Features

    Software-enrichment in Operations
    24×7 command center with centralized operations
    Optimized team structure
    Co-related eventsIntegrated monitoring
    Cross-skilled team
    Enhanced monitoringIncident management
    Innovative delivery model
    Auto escalationAutomationOptimization in team configuration
    Automated resolutionService analytics & reporting
    Predictive analytics
    Dynamic dashboarding /reporting

    Key benefits

    LTI Converged Operations contains 3 core components

    1. 1. Operating model
    2. 2. ITOps Platform
    3. 3. ITOps Automation

    This operating model has consistently resulted in following benefits (tangible & in tangible) to our clients.

    Converged IT Operations model – Key (commercial) benefits

    • Integrated tools and system will eliminate 10-20% events / incidents
    • Functional operation with automation embedded will improve up to 45% productivity
    • Transferring knowledge from people to system will eliminate vendor lock-in
    • Elimination of tickets / calls up to 30% through self-help and self-heal automation solutions
    • Cost avoidance up to 30% due to effort elimination and system adoption
    • Risk reduction, error prevention high-level of process compliance, and enhanced user experience