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Achieve Automation Not in Months or Days, But Minutes

Digital transformation has brought forth a paradigm shift in terms of what it means to conduct business as usual. As organizations strive to deliver a superior customer experience with innovative solutions at optimal costs, implementing an enterprise-wide digitalization strategy has become all the more important.

While digitalizing paper-based processes remains the top priority of many industries, identifying and harnessing the value of information stored within physical documents and structuring content from disparate sources spread across the organization is beginning to take precedence.

This webinar will discuss how LTI’s iDigitalization tool automates workflows, digitalizes enterprise-wide business processes and contextualizes content to build an intelligent connected enterprise. Embedded with artificial intelligence and machine learning, it has an improved business process and content management offering that enhances business application capabilities.

Register for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Achieve service-level, agreement-driven digitalized processes and reduce up to 90 per cent of a business’s physical paper trail.
  • Conduct a quick content search with intelligent tagging.
  • Enhance overall employee experience with digital assistance and increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Build workflows as per the business needs via iDigitalization capabilities such as optical character recognition, intelligent content capture and tagging, smart reporting, chatbots, business rules management, document management solution and robotic process automation.


Ramesh Revuru
Global head of digital integration

Ramesh Revuru has 25 years of experience with product development and IT services companies and is the author of That’s IT and Get the Software Job. Revuru’s 2011 article on SOA was ranked among the top 10 articles by Profit, Oracle’s magazine that year and he has spoken at numerous conferences worldwide. He is certified in CSM, CSP and PMP, and has had patents awarded. He has a BE in electronics, a MS in software engineering and a MBA in operations research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Gowrishankar Ganesamurthy
Deputy head of digital integration

Gowrishankar Ganesamurthy has 22 years of experience with product development and IT services companies. He is a member of the High Maturity Project awards panel and is a certified practitioner in CSM, SAFe 4 Certified Agilist and PRINCE 2. Ganesamurthy has a BE in computer science and a MS in quality management.

Roger Letalien
Global Leader, IBM Strategic Alliances

Roger leads strategic partner relationships for IBM’s Digital Business Automation software business, helping IBM’s key ecosystem partners respond to client and market demand for business process digitization and automation / hyperautomation. IBM offers the most comprehensive integrated platform for business automation, enabling clients to achieve deeper levels of business automation for a broad set of use cases…from the simple to the most complex. Previously Roger served as a managing partner in IBM where he led the systems integration consulting business globally and was also a member of the North America Complex Deal Team.