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Access to centralised data for better decision making has been limited due to many reasons.

What are the challenges? Potentially a combination of one or more challenges such as legacy siloed technology, structured/ unstructured data, internal/external data sources and others.

Majority of insurers are now evaluating a scalable cloud-based data solution. While we understand all have differing use cases, there are some common cases that we hear including solution for policyholder 360° view, risk evaluation, launch new products, fraud detection powered by analytics and forecasting engines specially for insurance industry.

In this webcast, insurance industry experts from LTI and Snowflake would share case studies built on the Data Cloud and how they have helped significantly reduce cost, and improve customer experience.

What you will learn?

  • Market trends & key business drivers for Data Cloud solutions
  • 3 ways to harness the power of Data Cloud with Snowflake
  • LTI’s tools & accelerators that provide the jump start
  • Key learnings based on real-life examples that enable successful Data transformation

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    Meet the Speakers

    Carlos Carrero

    Carlos Carrero

    Principal GSI Sales Engineer, Snowflake
    Rakesh Sancheti

    Rakesh Sancheti

    Global Snowflake Lead, LTI
    Lavanya Kaul

    Lavanya Kaul

    Senior Director – Insurance Solutions, LTI
    Shivani Gupta

    Shivani Gupta

    Senior Solution Architect – Insurance, LTI

    Webinar Partner

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