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3 Ways to Accelerate Your Snowflake Migration

As cloud computing continues to gather speed, organizations with years’ worth of data stored on legacy technologies such as SAP HANA or Teradata are facing issues with scale, speed, and complexity. Challenges with siloed data and high costs are not uncommon and ongoing interventions are required just to “keep the lights on”. Migrating to the cloud brings many benefits; however, this journey requires a sound migration strategy leveraging an ‘Automation First’ approach, meticulous planning, and flawless execution.

Join our Snowflake and LTI migration experts as they discuss the top three ways for accelerating your migration to Snowflake’s platform. Learn about different migration approaches, how to prepare for the move, and the steps to ensure success, and see real use cases.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Ways to accelerate your migration to Snowflake from on-premise technologies including SAP
  • Concrete examples of how large enterprises have completed similar journeys and the outcomes they have achieved
  • Showcasing LTI’s Canvas PolarSled on how it accelerates migration and reduces risks using ‘Automation First’ approach

Meet the Speakers

Ranganath Ramakrishna

Ranganath Ramakrishna

Head, Snowflake Center of Excellence, LTI
Rafael Massei

Rafael Massei

Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake
Carlos Carrero

Carlos Carrero

Principal GSI Sales Engineer, Snowflake

Webinar Partner

Every few decades, a disruptive technology shakes up the fundamentals of its market. Snowflake is one of such a game-changer that irrevocably altered the landscape of Data Management solutions for analytics. The novel hybrid architecture, unique consumption model and unlimited scalability represent imperatives that customers were vying to incorporate into their technology landscapes.

LTI and Snowflake have come together to bring this webinar to you on Data Modernization Framework. LTI has established itself as a trusted and credible partner for our client’s Snowflake journey.

We have a strong credible partnership with Snowflake and we can deliver more value together.