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3 Keys to Accelerate Your Snowflake Journey

Is your data locked in complex and high cost legacy platforms or appliances like Teradata or SAP HANA? Are you considering a migration to Snowflake Cloud Data platform? Are you looking for proven approaches and pitfalls to avoid in such a journey? Are you worried about the ROI from such an investment?

If any of these questions are on your mind, you would benefit from a live webinar on August 27th at 11 AM Eastern, where Snowflake and LTI experts will discuss the keys and trade-offs in a successful Snowflake journey.

Migrating to Snowflake is rewarding but not trivial. The benefits can be immense and a huge step towards building a data-driven organization that monetizes this newest enterprise asset. However such a journey requires a sound strategy, meticulous planning and flawless execution.

Hear from Snowflake and LTI experts about their real-life experiences and the emerging principles, patterns and practices on how large enterprises are scaling efficiently to Snowflake. The Webinar will cover:

  • 3 clear pathways that can help accelerate migration to Snowflake
  • Real-life examples of how large enterprises have completed similar journeys and realized value
  • How to deploy automation to accelerate and de-risk migration

The event will also include an “ask the expert” panel where LTI and Snowflake architects will provide practical tips and recommendations about major architectural and execution trade-offs based on live questions from audience for 45 minutes.

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    Meet the Speakers

    Ranganath Ramakrishna

    Ranganath Ramakrishna

    Lead, Snowflake Center of Excellence, LTI
    Rithesh Makkena

    Rithesh Makkena

    GSI Engineer, Snowflake

    Webinar Partner

    Every few decades, a disruptive technology shakes up the fundamentals of its market. Snowflake is one of such a game-changer that irrevocably altered the landscape of Data Management solutions for analytics. The novel hybrid architecture, unique consumption model and unlimited scalability represent imperatives that customers were vying to incorporate into their technology landscapes.

    LTI and Snowflake have come together to bring this webinar to you on Data Modernization Framework. LTI has established itself as a trusted and credible partner for our client’s Snowflake journey.

    We have a strong credible partnership with Snowflake and we can deliver more value together.