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Cloud adoption – Are you overspending compared to your cloud budget?

There are significant and compelling reasons for cloud adoption:

  • Tangible: An average 5-year ROI of over 500% is possible from running workloads on some of the public cloud providers – IDC.
  • Intangible: Scalability, agility, disaster recovery, rapid innovation, remote working, etc.

These factors have led to wide-scale cloud adoption in recent years, with the public cloud market growing from USD 153 billion in 2017 to USD 242 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow further by ~20% YoY between 2020 and 2022 (Source: Gartner)

While cloud adoption comes with a host of benefits, research suggests that enterprises end up spending up to 30% over the budget allocated for cloud operations.

Join our interactive webinar
Discover how we at LTI have been working with our clients to help them reduce their cloud spend and how you can benefit from our Save Now, Pay Later Program.

Key topics covered:

  • Main reasons for enterprises exceeding their cloud cost budgets
  • LTI’s 10 initiatives to reduce cloud cost by over 20% within 3 months
  • Tool and non-tool-based approach to realise cost savings
  • Learnings from saving programs we have run for our clients
  • LTI’s Save Now, Pay Later program that helps you save cloud costs

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    About L&T Infotech:

    Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI) is a £1.2Bn+ company and a leader in digital solutions and services with 3,000+ cloud professionals. We are a Premium Consulting Partner for AWS and Gold Cloud Partner for Microsoft with an extensive experience of rearchitecting 2000+ applications, leveraging our 25+ tools and accelerators. We offer local cloud consulting and delivery capabilities across Europe with presence in London, Belfast, Paris, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

    Meet The Experts

    <strong>Satya Samal</strong>

    Satya Samal

    Senior Executive with 20+ years of experience in delivering complex technology transformation programs. Currently responsible for LTI’s European business. Prior experience with McKinsey & Company.

    <strong>Hari Bhaskar</strong>

    Hari Bhaskar

    Head of Cloud for LTI EMEA with over 15 years of experience in cloud. Helped 100+ enterprises successfully migrate to public cloud and leading the cloud cost reduction initiatives with our clients globally.

    <strong>Venkatesh K R</strong>

    Venkatesh K R

    Head of Cloud for LTI Europe with 20+ years of experience in Cloud and IT infrastructure. Leading LTI’s work with Deutsche Telekom.

    <strong>Arpit Kumar</strong>

    Arpit Kumar

    Digital Transformation Director with 10+ years of experience. Prior experience with McKinsey & Company.

    LTI Cloud Capabilities

    LTI is the only company globally, to have achieved AWS Machine Learning Competency & Microsoft AI Partner status, making us one of the strongest AI consulting company. With the acquisition of Powerup, our comprehensive solutioning is built on a “born-in-the-cloud” legacy and showcased by our top-tier partnerships with three public cloud hyperscalers.

    Premier Consulting Partner

    Premier Consulting Partner

    Gold Cloud Partner

    Gold Cloud Partner

    Consulting Partner

    Consulting Partner