Legacy Modernization


Global enterprises are confronted with emerging challenges such as globalization, ageing populations, increasing client expectations, and newer modes of services and distribution, regulatory compliance pressures and industry consolidation. CIOs of global organizations are finding their current IT estate inadequate, and it is imperative that they modernize their legacy IT systems.

Our business-driven SureLM™ methodology for modernization delivers benefits like:

  • Reduction in time-to-market (product launch lifecycle)
  • Reduction in TCO
  • IT alignment with business strategy

Our methodology helps clients from conceptualization to implementation and involves arriving at and implementing a legacy modernization roadmap with the following phases:

  • Define IT, information and infrastructure architecture by leveraging our legacy modernization toolkit. This consists of reference business and IT goals, drivers and challenges, questionnaires, reference architectures and IT landscape analysis questionnaires
  • Define application architecture and legacy modernization roadmap after evaluating various modernization options with our ETCR (Effort, Time, Cost and Risk) technique
  • Implement the road map in the most risk-averse manner. We have devised specific strategies for various Legacy Modernization options such as re-engineering, system consolidation and web-service enablement. To accomplish this, we leverage a number of bespoke and third-party toolsets like LTExpert and BPMI in the areas of reverse engineering, point-to-point program conversions and data migrations
  • Provide support & maintenance for products, packages and applications


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